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“Is Your Diet A Riot?”
Stop wasting time & money with all the hype!
Healthy Options even your Doctor WILL approve.

 Internet Special
How “The Perfect Diet
MINI Program”
will change your business & personal life FOREVER! 

Amazingly powerful SECRETS Revealed on how to:
Eat more…Weigh less…Sleep better…Be Energized…Improve your Sex Life and
Feel Terrific in 27 days, GUARANTEED!

 Every day your blood travels 168 million miles which is 6720 times around the globe. You Are Special and Don't let anyone tell you differently. Treat yourself to the very best, You Deserve It! Eat Good Stuff so you Will ALWAYS Be Tough. Your Goal is to get Older and Better and NOT Old and Bitter! Your past may be blemished but your future is SPOTLESS! ...

 This complete program introduces you to hassle-free tips that are: Long overdue, Scientifically developed, Easy on your pocket book and Promises to put Fun back into your life!


"Had an EKG … had some weird things in my chest … I was scared to death … I was in tears. Something is wrong with my heart. Oh No, what's wrong….had to lose weight and a host of other things. In 6 weeks I dropped 25 pounds….WWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW! I've tried so many other things and none of them worked but this is the best…."

George McKenzie
San Antonio, TX

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"About 6 weeks ago my husband and I started your program and since then we have noticed that we no longer have "dunlap disease" where our bellies had previously "dunlap" over our belts. We both have lost over 20 lbs! Our tight jeans have become loose and baggy.

We have more energy, endurance and mental acuity. We have heard compliments from our friends and co-workers, how they have noticed a difference in our energy levels and physical fitness. Your eating plan has worked great for this working woman. I leave the house before 7 AM and I am back home after 6 PM, being able to create quick and healthy meals have been a real blessing for us! Keep those great recipes coming, Wayne! God Bless you!"

Jolene Kaczmarek
Delavan, WI


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The Perfect Diet MINI Program
includes 9 TOOLS:

--- Eat Healthy without hating it…
--- Get your Best Body EVER…
--- No more guess work with your nutrition.

Banish your Belly!

Tool #1

The Perfect Diet Chart

a beautiful 12" x 16" custom-laminated four-color (both sides) placemat and
it's purpose is to show you what to eat WHEN! Discover what
the people do to lose weight while eating 3 excellent meals a day.

This guide shows you what you CAN eat rather than what you can NOT eat, so this is not a diet per se, as diets are nothing more than something you start and finish.


'Your Program is terrific and so easy. I have lost over 50 lbs and I feel great. Thank you so very much!"

Allen Evers
Palatka, FL


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--- Ever wonder why some foods EXPLODE in your stomach…
--- Would you like to feel young again with renewed Energy…
--- Just dying to have relief from Heartburn…

Eliminate Indigestion!
without the Pills, Potions & Lotions

Tool #2

The Food Combining GUIDEPOST


A beautiful 12" x 16" custom-laminated four-color (both sides) placemat ideally suited for your refrigerator door and it's purpose is to show you what to eat with WHAT!



"Since I purchased your Program, I have experienced some amazing results!  So now it's out the window with some 28 years of improper nutrition, NEVER dreaming in that time that bad food combinations were the cause of my belching, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea, etc. I'm looking forward to a long healthy life using your program."

Robert Boovy
Metairie, LA


I'm ready to order now

--- 60-second Power Breakfasts…
--- Great Recipes for kids of all ages…

Meals in Minutes!

Tool #3


"Combine When You Dine"

a beautiful 12" x 16" custom-laminated
four-color (both sides) placemat and it's purpose is to show you how to prepare food! New Hope for Diabetes.



"I'm sure that you'll come up with additional delicious ones as you get into it! Notice when you don't care for something at your favorite grocery store, you don't boycott the place. You usually get the things you like and leave the things you don't like. I feel it's the same with these recipes. There'll be some you will be wild about and some you may not care for. Omit the ones you don't like & enjoy the ones you do like.

Our objective with this RECIPE Guide is to assist your creative intelligence in conjuring up new, appetizing ones. All in all, we suggest for people to eat sensibly and in accordance with your body's digestive chemistry. This is the Science of Food Combining. There are 131 Recipes all properly combined for finest digestion and each has an indication for which one is for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. We have also suggested one in each category that we are sure you'll enjoy.

24 Vegetable Salads (Greek Salad)
15 Fruit Salads (Banana-Dana…My personal favorite)
16 Salad Dressings (Olive Dressing)
13 Sandwiches (Hawaiian Sandwich = This is awesome)
12 Protein Dishes ("Nutty" Lentil Loaf)
16 Protein Drinks ("Nutty" Pineapple Delight)
12 Vegetable Drinks & Soups (Cream of Tomato Soup)
23 Cooked Vegetable Dishes (Baked Sweet Potato and Vegetable Dish)


"I just wanted to let you know that since I spoke with you in Toronto and have been following your Program; in less than 45 days I have lost 16 lbs. and have been able to keep my blood sugar level below 120 no matter what time of the day I check it.  Since I am diabetic your system has been a real "life saver" for me.  Thanks a million."

Kleist Rhodes
Raleigh, NC 


"within 2 weeks I was totally off insulin using your program!  I have been sleeping better, feeling better; I now have more energy that I have had in years. I wish Diabetics the world over would take the time to stop, listen to your message and understand just how much your diet/ nutrition program can do for them.  If this letter can help, please use it.  Once again Wayne, thank you for setting my life straight again, you truly saved my life.  God Bless!"

Airline Pilot
Name held upon request.

I'm ready to order now

Lose Pounds and Keep 'Em Off

Tool #4

Your Brand New (Text Only)

A Natural Plan for Fast, Real Results of all the Weekly Recipes, Monthly Articles and 13 one-time (never again to be produced) E-Zines for FOUR years 1999 + 2000 + 2001 + 2002 which includes 140 additional RECIPES and 42 Informative ARTICLES now makes Meal Planning a breeze.

Now you can enjoy this very useful tool as part of your nutritional arsenal to help you be the healthiest person on the planet and not the wealthiest person in the grave.



"With your Program I have lost 25 pounds in 3 months and my body fat went from 31% to 21%."

Rita Risser, CEO
Fair Measures Corporation


--- It's not too late to lose weight!
--- Is your job making you fat?
--- You can't do well if you're not!

Dining Out


Tool #5



A custom-laminated credit-card size, version of "The Food Combining Guidepost".



"lost 82 lbs. in 10 months with just using the Food Combining Pocket-Guide in your Program. I'm so excited!"

Robert Hamilton
North Miami Beach, FL


Expert Weight Loss Tricks

Tool #6


Pickering's Personal Plan where you get to consult with Dr. Wayne personally for 1 full hour on the phone to answer some of those questions that have been on your mind for years and set the nutritional side of your life at ease once and for all.

Easily Lose Weight
Build Muscle
Reverse Aging


Tool #7


"Save your health and your life"

The ultimate guide to losing weight, protecting your body – and beating the disease that kills 1,400 women a day. This ACTION GUIDE helps you get a Fast Start with your new Program!


"Within less than a month by using your Program, I have no more of that awful indigestion that has plagued me for so many, many years.  I'm off the antacids thanks to you!"

Emma Crawford

Orlando, FL

Eat Safe in a
Crazy Food World


Tool #8


Tune in to our Tele-Seminar with your paid in full Tele-Seminar Gift Certificate and learn from the comfort of your own home or office just what it takes to Tip the Scales in your favor with Weight Loss Tips that Outweigh the Rest!

It's a seminar over the phone and everyone on there will be from all over the world. It's your chance to interact with Authors/ Speakers/ Olympic Athletes/Entrepreneurs you've always idolized and paid lots of money to go to conventions to see and hear and learn from but now you can do the same from the comfort of your home.

"Lost 13 pounds in just 3 weeks"

David Angelucci
Unicot, TN

Discover A Daily Plan

Tool #9

"ENJOY The Perfect Diet Program"

"Weight Loss is as easy as 1-2-3."

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"Hey Mango Man,

Fred, my husband had colon cancer & is doing just wonderful on 'The Perfect Diet Program'! Fred is a believer of yours! I am so proud of him and of your program, which is working for him in a beautiful way. He has lost up to 30 pounds of unwanted weight, he is happy about what he has learned from you and is into implementing everything that you recommend to the letter of the "law"!!

When appropriate, you might want to share with others, my rebellion when Fred first started the new way of life and my frustration in changes such as buying groceries, cooking and eating that was different from the past. After all it is hard for someone in their late sixties to make too many changes!!!! However, Fred and I both have very positive attitudes, resulting from our management careers, happy lives and FINDING EACH OTHER.

Your Perfect Diet Mini Program and way of life is working unbelievably well for him and I even adhere to most of it for myself! Fred's Oncology Doctor is amazed at him since he is just doing so well and strong with no side effects!

I didn't mean to get into all this, but here it is. We are both so proud that you are successful and keep up the wonderful work.

Fred is now Cancer FREE!

Regards, Peggy Jones -- Oh yes, Fred keeps the 3 laminated placemats on the table all the time! They are very helpful......"

Fred & Peggy Jones
Mooresville, NC


"I Survived Ovarian Cancer using 'The Perfect Diet Program'!"

Karen Politi
Port Orange, FL

"My mother who has had cancer for many years is responding very well to "The Perfect Diet Program"

Lisa Hagelthorn
Charlotte, NC

"For years now I have suffered from stomach pains. At the age of 10 I was told I had an ulcer.  I always tried to eat good food – all to no avail.  Now that I have discovered your program I feel like a $$million dollars!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Sheree McMullen
St. Peters, PA

If you purchased these Health Guides individually, here's what you would pay:

The Perfect Diet        = $  12.95
The Food Combining GUIDEPOST= $  12.95
Combine When You Dine RECIPES= $  12.95
CD ROM= $  44.47
Food Combining Pocket-Guide  = $    1.95
One Hour Nutritional Counseling = $150.00
Action Guide  = $  19.95
One Tele-Seminar Certificate   = $  20.00
Instructional Audio CD= $  12.95
TOTAL VALUE        = $288.17

But, as promised, this is our Internet Special, so we will deduct $200
from this total value giving you this program for the unheard of price of ONLY $88.17


On your program, the two-year constant sinus and respiratory problems began to clear up in about three months, and is now not a problem! Health is mine once again

T.C. Droessler, D.C.

Columbus, WI


"I was an asthmatic for over 30 years. I would eat and before the sun had set I was bent over in pain and unable to breathe. But now, after being on Dr. Pickering's "The Perfect Diet Program", I am free of Pain and I can eat three meals a day and go to bed with a smile. Thank you for giving me something to live by, and the ability to not be afraid of tomorrow."

Chere Biddles

Ormond Beach, FL


I’ve been in this life changing business for over 24 years and we seldom ever get a return on our Programs. Give us a try and if you are not totally satisfied within 1 full year, return the contents for a refund…no questions asked. You don’t even need a story to tell us. No hassle, no fine print.  Simple and straight-forward as this, either you are thrilled with this program or you get a refund! We are devoted to the goal of having only satisfied customers. So if you were not going to profit from our program then we really would prefer to have it back.  

Now let me give you some amazing statistics: We have sold over a million dollars of all our publications and audio learning systems and consulting packages to just about every demographics we can possibly think of.  This has happened as a result of our website, speaking engagements, referrals from thousands of very satisfied customers.   

But people don’t only keep their programs as part of their learning libraries, but send us testimonial letters and success reports as well as subscribing to my weekly e-mail letters (E-Zines) and returned to my seminars time and time again. I can’t help but think that that fact has to tell you a lot about the results YOU can expect from getting my “secrets” working for you! After all, why wouldn’t anybody make additional investments in our materials if they weren’t profiting tremendously from their first investment?

Yes, that's Right.
 "The Perfect Diet MINI Program"
WILL change your business & personal life FOREVER with these
Amazingly powerful SECRETS on how to:
Eat more…Weigh less…Sleep better…Be Energized…
Improve your Sex Life and Feel Terrific in 27 days, GUARANTEED!


Shatter your past limitations in the kitchen with this Natural Guide to a Better Mood, More Energy & Less Stress. And you can forget the Scale…a Better way to lose weight! Breakthrough simple ideas that will give the nutritional side of your life an extraordinary boost!

Easy Recipes that will delight even your kids and empowering Articles which build the kind of HEALTH that delivers remarkable results for the long haul. Introduce your loved ones to remarkably delicious meal planning to be the best they can be while decreasing all the nutritional related diseases. Enjoy...
  • LESS Body FAT; MORE Energy; Skin Problems DISAPPEARING…
  • Constipation becoming a THING OF THE PAST.
  • The Stomach Products that Fizz-Fizz, FAZE OUT!
  • Medical Bills being DRASTICALLY REDUCED & Grocery Bills significantly LESS.
  • IMPROVED Digestion; Your Clothes fit BETTER; SWEETER smelling Breath
  • A SHARPENED Attitude; IMPROVED Circulation & BETTER Muscle Tone
  • LESS Nervous Tension!

Eat More...Weigh Less...Sleep Better...Be Energized and Feel Terrific in 27 Days!
  • Boost your Immunity & Feel GREAT once again increasing your VITALITY
  • Enjoy being trim going from Fat to Flat while loving Guilt Free Desserts
  • Take pleasure in a good night's sleep and cope with stress with ease
  • You deserve an ENERGY Make-Over by eating healthy without hating it
  • At last, Relief from Heartburn, Indigestion and Upset Stomach
  • Deliciously Different Protein RECIPES & EASY ONE POT MEALS
  • Healthy Pasta, Irresistible Fruit Pies and Nutritious Ice Cream - Here's the Scoop!

Fill out the secure order form so you can 

1.Banish Your Belly "The size of the snacks determines the size of the slacks!"
2. Eliminate Indigestion once and for all
3.Have Meals in Minutes and Dinner on the Double
4. Dine out healthfully
5.And a lot more.

****This program is for those who like Meat and for those who do not!****

Thank you Wayne for making this $288.17 package available. Such a tremendous value at this greatly reduced Internet Special price of only = $88.17 + S&H (Additional S&H for all Orders outside the U.S.) Count me in!

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