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"Is Your Diet A Riot"
E-Mail Articles; Recipes & E-Zines

CD ROM of all the Weekly Recipes, Monthly Articles and 13 one-time (never again to be produced) E-Zines for FOUR years 1999 + 2000 + 2001 + 2002

Meal planning is now a breeze. Shatter your past limitations in the kitchen. A Natural Guide to a Better Mood; More Energy & Less Stress. And you can forget the Scale…a Better way to lose weight! Breakthrough simple ideas that will give the nutritional side of your life an extraordinary boost!

Recipes that will delight even your kids and empowering Articles which build the kind of HEALTH that delivers remarkable results for the long haul. Introduce your loved ones to remarkably delicious meal planning to be the best they can be while decreasing all the nutritional related diseases.

When you have this C/D ROM you can enjoy:
  • LESS Body FAT; MORE Energy; Skin Problems DISAPPEARING…
  • Constipation becoming a THING OF THE PAST.
  • The Stomach Products that Fizz-Fizz, FAZE OUT!
  • Medical Bills being DRASTICALLY REDUCED & Grocery Bills significantly LESS.
  • IMPROVED Digestion; Your Clothes fit BETTER; SWEETER smelling Breath
  • A SHARPENED Attitude; IMPROVED Circulation & better Muscle Tone

Eat More...Weigh Less...Sleep Better...Be Energized and Feel Terrific in 30 Days!

  • Boost your Immunity & Feel GREAT once again increasing your VITALITY
  • Enjoy being trim going from Fat to Flat while loving Guilt Free Desserts
  • Take pleasure in a good night's sleep and cope with stress with ease
  • You deserve an ENERGY Make-Over by eating healthy without hating it
  • At last, Relief from Heartburn, Indigestion and Upset Stomach
  • Deliciously Different Protein RECIPES & EASY ONE POT MEALS
  • Healthy Pasta, Irresistible Fruit Pies and Nutritious Ice Cream - Here's the Scoop!
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