Nut butters are one of my favorite universal foods. You can use them in a multitude of ways to enhance the nutritional value of what you are eating. For example, let's say you want a good vegetable dip instead of those high cholesterol, high fat, vinegary salad dressings/dips that always come with those raw vegetable plates for those occasions where you have people over and want to serve them something nutritious and that everyone can eat! Serve them nut butters and watch their eyes light up with genuine pleasure when they eat. Normally what's always left over at the end of the evening is the raw vegetable plate. TOO BLAND! Or how about that cooked vegetable dish when you went an excellent sauce. Or how about a terrific salad dressing? Well I feel this is the best choice for all those concerns.

Grind up no more than 4 ounces of your favorite nuts (per person) in a coffee grinder and let soak over night in your refrigerator in 4-6 ounces of distilled water (depending on the desired consistency, i.e. less water the thinker the nut butter). Now something so simple will actually put a different twist on all your home fixings for when you have friends by or for just when you want something special for your self. This is a special treat and once again, "Is it fattening?" I guess the right answer here is that even nectar when taken to excess will become a threat to your body. Moderation is the real key. I guess we could say that temperance in every aspect of our lives is the true key to longevity. We can't have everything in life, where in the world would we put it? Reward yourself with good things, you deserve them! You're special with an unnegotiable self-worth.

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