I hope you all had a safe and memorable Labor Day Weekend! I spent the day yesterday in Live Oak, Florida (about 375 mile round trip) with a good friend of mine (The Great Mike Staley) who is also an author and professional speaker, picking some of the best grapes money can buy. And I got to thinking as we were in the middle of those rows and rows and rows of grapes what I could do for you concerning this week's recipe. Mango season is winding down and a terrific fruit recipe to move us into the fall would be a recipe from my "Combine When you Dine" RECIPE Guide from our "The Perfect Diet Program" and it's called "The Banana-Dana!

In an 8 oz. glass of distilled water, soak 4 oz. of raisins and 4 oz. of dates (removing the pits 1st) overnight. The next morning you'll notice the fruit will have soaked up most of the water. Then stir it all up and add it to 4-6 sliced bananas. Mix the entire mixture up, put it in your favorite dish and watch your eyes light up with this awesome treat that I like to start the day with. NO, IT'S NOT FATTENING! IT'S FLATTERING TO YOUR BODY and you'll be rewarded handsomely for it with an abundance of energy and strong sense of good will knowing you started the day with something incredible for you!

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