"Mango Mambo Ice Cream"

Cut up 5 whole Bananas into a mixing bowl and cut up 4-6 Dates (preferably the Choice Medjool variety) and dice up 2-3 mangoes. Stir it all up and freeze it. After it's frozen, put it into your Vita-Mix (or a good strong blender if you don't have a Vita Mix) and within 1-2 minutes @ a medium speed, you'll have the best ice cream you've ever tasted and it's nutritious to boot (had to throw that one in for good measure). You'll be saying 3 Hail Mary's and 2 Boy Howdy's on this one I'll guarantee you! ENJOY it, you deserve the best and that's what this is! I usually have this as a mid-morning snack. And by the way, ALL GOOD CALORIES! Don't count them, just enjoy them.

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