"The Orange Blossom Special"

Hello again everyone!

And it's a beauty. Sun is shining and it's down in the 70's. Next week we'll get our 2nd cold snap of the year and will put that special sweetness in the citrus that we all look for each year. But I only like one of two, at the most, cold days every month just to add that zip to the citrus. Well I had a call from the Orange Grove yesterday where we have access to some 25 acres of the finest organic citrus fruit that money can buy. And there's nothing like pointing to the one you want and picking it and eating it right then. Michael Staley and I make it a point to go over there about 6-8 times a year and load up on the best. So I got to thinking of all of you and thought wouldn't it be great to have a very simple but incredibly delicious morning drink to jump-start the day. I gave you Wayne' Favorite a few months ago, but this is a close 2nd I'll grant you! E-mail me if you would like to have my source and they ship it right to your front door.

Soak 4 ounces of fresh Pecans that have been soaking in distilled water for at least 8-12 hours. Then blend in your blender using the water the Pecans soaked in along with 16 ounces of fresh squeezed Orange Juice until a thick creamy texture and it's another "boy howdy" time. And you'll be jivin' around the room listening to Herbie Hancock's Head Hunter's C/D thinking, "Mango Man, what an awesome way to start the day!" Enjoy and I wish you great things.

Wayne "The Mango Man"

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