This recipe is an excellent transition from the summer to the cooler months of the year and is a super delicious, easy to prepare and guaranteed to satiate your taste buds. It has energy galore to sustain a long day and is a perfect noon time recipe. Enjoy.

Into your favorite cooking pot, mix 3 cups of Distilled Water; 2 tablespoons of Arrowroot (similar to corn starch but much more nutritious); 1 diced Potato (Red Bliss preferably); ½ cup diced Carrots; 3 cups of fresh Corn Kernels fresh off the cob and ½ cups scallions (some people refer to them as green onions). Bring to a boil and then let simmer for 20-30 minutes to the texture and taste you prefer. Sometimes I will season it with a little Sea Kelp or Sea Dulse, it's your call there. I serve it with some fresh Millet toast. But then again, I try to keep all the grains to a bare minimum in my diet and I do so much better as a result. Wishing you great things….why not?

PS I just checked out a new C/D from the library and it's a must for your listening pleasure = "Najee" and the name of the C/D is Morning Tenderness. ENJOY!

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