"An Autumn Deluxe"

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One of the real important things to remember when you are eating Fruit is to eat it when it's in season. And how can you tell when they are in season…. usually by how inexpensive they are and when you see them in a massive abundance on the grocers' shelf. And a food that's in season now is grapes! Here's how to tell when they are the sweetest. The Seedless Green Grapes should actually be turning a yellow color. Test them out. Take one of the green ones and one that is turning yellow. Taste the yellow one first and then the green one and you'll never forget that taste test. The Red Seedless Grapes should be a deep red and not a slightly red. Try the taste test again. Try the deep red almost wine colored one first and then the not so deep red grape after. You'll know from now on which ones are the best. Always the richest color of the grapes is a very good indicator. Of course make sure they are firm and not too far ripe.

Grapes are one fruit that you can eat by themselves and be totally satisfied! But here's a great recipe if you want to eat then in a fruit salad (only).

This is RECIPE #10.
"An Autumn Deluxe"

Take ¼ pound of (washed) Red Seedless Grapes and ¼ pound of (washed) Green Seedless Grapes and put them into a bowl. Take a fork and mash them slightly, just enough to get a few of them broken up to get some juice in the dish. Then add a touch of fresh ground (or powdered if fresh is not available) ginger and 3 sliced bananas! This is so delicious that you'll see why I eat so much of it if you are ever in my area of the world for a breakfast. And that's when I always eat fresh fruit, in the morning. And I would eat nothing but fresh fruit for breakfast, which is a future article. Reward yourself with something each day that's incredible because that's what you are…. unique, special and incredible!

Wayne "The Mango Man" Pickering

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