"Eat DESSERTS First!"
Life Management Tip #1

OK now, why should I eat desserts before the meal and never after? It sounds like a good thing to me and anytime I talk about this in one of my seminars, EVERYONE perks up. A hot topic for me! Here's the reason why.

There are 2 kinds of digestion, MECHANICAL and CHEMICAL.
The Mechanical is the chewing and churning of the food as it moves through us.
The Chemical is the Saliva, Stomach & Intestinal Juices, etc.

Our food breaks down before it's absorbed into the blood stream in 4 areas; 1) Mouth, 2) Stomach, 3) Duodenum, 4) Jejunum. Simply put, Stages 1,2,3 & 4. Let's keep this simple. The only food that breaks down in the stomach chemically is Protein and the fibrous foods take a long time to chemically digest there as well. Now you have a valve entering the stomach very much like a check valve that will allow the food to enter the stomach and during the churning process, the food won't back up into your throat. This is really called the Cardia Sphincter. Then there is a valve that acts like the Cardia Valve (Sphincter) that is at the base of the stomach which allow s the food to go through the stomach and not to back up into the stomach after is passed through. This Valve is called the Pyloric Valve (Sphincter). So far this sounds very technical, but it's now getting simple. If we eat desserts before the meal then they have a chance to pass through the stomach very quickly where they begin their digestion and they can't back up into the stomach. This way when you wait at least 45 minutes after eating desserts then you can eat that properly combined meal which will probably take at least 1-2 hours breaking down in the stomach while the dessert is on it's merry way through the rest of the Digestive System. But it you eat the dessert AFTER the meal then it will stay in the stomach a way too long mixing with the meal and fermenting (rotting) causing what we know as Indigestion. Then rather than looking for the cause of the indigestion, we look for something to kill the aggravation our body is telling us it's going through. If we keep this practice up desserts before the meal long enough, then we will evolve into a state of Pathology (Evolution of Disease) that a lot of times is a real bear to try and rise above. EAT DESSERTS FIRST and enjoy them to the fullest if you are accustomed to eating them.

Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering

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