"ORGANIC How To Really Tell If It Is"

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You are out in a super market. And you decide that after all the information you've been reading to support why you should get as much organic food as you can, that you bite the bullet and say, "OK, I'm going to try some organic food even though it's more expensive."

But then you have to decide once again on what the different color labels really mean. In so many words, are all organic products created equal? Let's eliminate that right now for you. Here's how you really tell if it's 100% organic or not!

According to the USDA Guidelines, there are at least 3 variations on the organic labels. This could be your guideline for the new organic packaging.

If it says 100% ORGANIC, it will have the Green and White USDA Seal on it.
Here's what that actually means. This is what you get. 100% Organic product grown without genetically modified organisms, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides or raw sewage sludge. Lord, it almost wants to make you gag when we think we buy non organic foods that have all that garbage on them all during the growth process.

If it says ORGANIC, it will have the Green and White USDA Seal on it.
Here's what that actually means. He product actually contains 95% organic ingredients.

If it says Made with ORGANIC ingredients and has no seal on it…
Here's what that actually means. At least 70% of the ingredients in the product are organic. If the product contains fewer organic ingredients, they may be listed on the side of the package with nutritional information. But the package cannot say it organic on the FRONT.

Somewhere I read quite some time ago, "Nature is not a place to visit…it's home!"

If you tune into Nature then that would be more entertainment than most of really need. I am constantly laughing at the unique things that go on daily…actually, moment to moment! We are so fortunate to be living in Paradise….North America. I was watching the Sunset last evening and looked over the ocean after the sunset and the moon was a spectacular sight. Where else could we buy a painting so huge and the fact that it changes instantaneously. And it's FREE to boot! Such a gift.

Happy Thanksgiving

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