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I can't believe that in the over 3 ½ years that I've been sending out my weekly messages that this is the first time I was over a day late. So much has come down the poke in the last month that it's quite something keeping up with it all. I have to thank my great friend Terry Brock for hounding me about getting computerized as there would be no way I could have possibly kept up with all my inner circle members and the speaking business along with this brand new company we just started. Thanks for your patience.

I have so many people who complain of stomach problems and I have a very good friend who called me today at how her brother is going to have to have his esophagus removed, as it has become cancerous. I am quite distressed that it has to get to that point for folks to make a change in their dietary habits. I was talking to the great Dr. Robert Rogers (MD) the other day and I made the statement about how people don't care about their health until they lose it. He blatantly said, "AND THEN THEY DON'T CARE!" He has been taking care of patients for over 50 years and he confirms that statement wholeheartedly/

The reason I'm bringing this up, as I want to share with you how to faze out of the Plop-Plop Fizz-Fizz syndrome once and for all. Indigestion is rampant and it TOTALLY controllable. This was the major reason we produced The Food Combining Guide. After being in this wellness business for over 27 years, we now see that Indigestion can be licked entirely with little to no effort.

In my travels throughout twenty-three countries, and from my studies of people who have reached ninety years and upwards, as well as others acclaimed to be the healthiest individuals in the world, I have found seven common factors. All of these healthy people enjoyed plenty of fresh air, pure drinking water, ample sunshine, adequate rest, a fitness program for the body's cardiovascular and muscular systems which included some stretching, emotional stability, and diets of natural whole food which were relatively free of toxic sprays. The diets of these individuals varied. They were vegetarians, fruitarians, raw food eaters, fish eaters and meat eaters. This puzzled me a great deal at first, and it was only after extensive research that I saw five common factors in their diets:

1) In all of them, foods were eaten in moderation;
2) The kinds of foods eaten were appropriate for the energy expended in the type of work the individual did;
3) The foods eaten were native to the environment;
4) They were foods to which the individuals were biologically adapted, or infractions of this rule were moderate; and
5) These foods were eaten in compatible combinations with the body's digestive chemistry, or other factors mitigated the effect of the breaches.

Most of the above needs little in the way of explanation. Food choices, especially American food choices, which are generally made (in a very competitive consumer's market) for taste, with a certain complacency of thought regarding nutritional value, do not encourage moderate eating. When we live to eat indiscriminately (addiction) rather than eat to live (selectively choosing foods that will maintain healthy bodies), we become chronic overeaters who are often overweight.

A chronic overeater is a food addict, who will often develop food allergies. Our food has been made to taste so unnaturally good, being visually (through various chemicals, including pesticides) and flavor enhanced and preserved with so many additives, (many of which should never be placed in our bodies), that we heap more and more onto our plates, going far beyond the point of satiety. It takes about twenty minutes for the signal from the stomach to reach the brain, which lets us know that the stomach is full. Studies have shown under-eating increases longevity, whereas overeating, which often leads to obesity, is certain to cause problems, which will shorten life.

The formula for Obesity is: 0 = U/8 or YOU OVERATE!

A good rule of thumb is foods, which are native to one's environment, are those which should be eaten. This is because all foods are picked green for shipping purposes, and most will not ripen after they're picked - thus rendering no nutritional value. A person who lives a sedentary life would surely not need to eat an abundance of heavy foods. It is generally accepted that a lighter diet might suffice for that individual than one which might be chosen by a heavy laborer. This seems rational on the surface, unless the choice is emotional rather than necessary, especially when we consider that the strongest animals in the world: elephants, oxen, horses, mules, camels and water buffalo all eat leaves, grass and fruit.

Each species of mammal (carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, graminivore and frugivore) has a specific type of digestive system, which biologically adapts to a particular type of food. According to Herbert M. Shelton, THE SCIENCE and FINE ART OF FOOD and NUTRITION, every anatomical, physiological and embryological feature of man places him in the class of frugivore, meaning, according to Densmore's Medical Dictionary, that he feeds on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and rains. Although Shelton could cite no true frugivores, meaning mammals, which subsist on fruits, seeds and nuts alone, he was disparaging of the grains, and most nutritionists agree that grains can be troublesome. They are easily overeaten. It is certainly indisputable that humans do not have all the different types of digestive systems. Yet, the folly of the human species, observe Harvey and Marilyn Diamond in their book, Fit For Life, is that we have attempted to eat the different diets of all the animals. Even worse, with no discrimination whatsoever, we eat it all in one meal. Our reason for eating so much food is that, ironically, we have become prisoners of our tiny taste buds.

I stated above that among the healthiest people I have met were some fish and meat eaters, and this had particularly puzzled me. I must qualify that the fish and meat consumption of these individuals was sensible, and that their diets consisted of plenty of those foods to which their bodies are biologically adapted. Compatible food combining with respect to the body's digestive chemistry is a science that is becoming accepted. Ivan Pavlov revealed its basic fundamentals from studies in his book, "The Work of the Digestive Glands". Pavlov is perhaps better known for his experiments on conditioned reflexes. Herbert Shelton's extensive research is notable among the many studies, which have substantiated the validity of proper food combining. = COMPATIBLE COMBINATIONS or FOOD COMBINING!

Years of counseling the nutritional needs to thousands of people provided me with ample evidence that proper food combining is the sensible, logical way to eat for effective digestion. The purpose of food combining is to uncomplicate the process of digestion, thereby eliminating digestive problems. No food value can be obtained from undigested foods. Furthermore, when food doesn't digest, it rots in the intestines, resulting in the production of alcohol and poisons, thus creating a climate in the digestive tract that is conducive to illness.

As long as we remain harmonious on the emotional level (strong negative emotions are physically debilitating), proper food combining will assure us of better digestion and, consequently, better nutrition. Beyond that, precious energy will be freed up from dealing with a mess in our digestive tracts that can, instead, be utilized constructively for other activities. This can make a critical difference in our outlook and in all our endeavors. Unquestionably, plenty of people have complacent attitudes about their "traditional" diets, and these individuals strenuously object to changing old eating habits, even when their bodies are screaming proof that they are out of kilter. It has been suggested that about two percent of all people think logically for themselves; eight percent think when they are in pain; and ninety percent would rather die than think. I am addressing those who think, with the hope that they will have some influence on the others.

A person will dedicate years of life to the training necessary to become an airplane pilot, electronics technician, architect or some other professional; yet many, probably most, show little regard for the ONLY PERFECT MACHINE--THE HUMAN BODY. We may have considered that there must be laws and rules governing our universe and nature, but how many of us have reasoned that there might also be specific rules for the efficient operation of these perfect machines - our bodies? Take the automobile, for example: It has an exhaust system, carburetor system, electrical system, cooling system, lubricating system and a fuel system. All of these work together for a perfect, smooth operation. We would never put oil in the radiator, gas in the battery, or water in the gas tank.

The human body has ten systems that work together harmoniously for normal function. These are the muscular, skeletal, nervous, lymphatic, excretory, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, glandular and reproductive systems. Each is a separate entity; yet each is also dependent on each of the others. The system that we have the most control over is THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, through the way we feed ourselves; this, in turn, affects all the others.

The digestive system is the site of ongoing chemical activity, and different chemicals are needed for the digestion of the different types of food. For example, starch foods require an ALKALINE digestive medium which is supplied initially in the mouth by the digestive enzyme PTYALIN, and protein foods require an ACID medium for digestion - PEPSIN and HYDROCHLORIC ACID. Anyone with any knowledge of chemistry knows that acids and alkalines neutralize each other. Hence, when they are forced to go to work at the same time in the stomach, digestion is completely arrested.

Food will rot whenever it is allowed to remain for a prolonged period at a temperature of 85 degrees. Everyone has had occasion to see and smell food rotting. When it is improperly combined or overeaten, this rotting or fermentation is what happens to food that remains undigested in the stomach which has a temperature of 104-106 degrees during digestion. The body goes through a state of shock, and tries to get rid of the unwanted matter by discharging more chemicals into the stomach. The symptoms which may occur are: gas, flatulence, heartburn, upset stomach, regurgitation and diarrhea.

An antacid tablet can't get to the root of the problem of indigestion; it is not a remedy. The science of the body is the SCIENCE OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. We must deal with cause. Masking and pacifying symptoms with antacid tablets and other digestive aids really isn't rational treatment; it's downright irresponsible, in fact. Food rotting in the body can lead to a wide assortment of sickness and misery such as dysentery, headaches, colds, constipation, kidney and liver disorders and to huge medical expenses. This misery is not necessary.
Isn't it ironic that inhabitants of the best-fed nation in the world can have so much trouble digesting their food? The problem is compounded when we not only mix it all up improperly, but many of us eat with almost no discrimination. To be more blunt, we eat junk. It boggles the mind in trying to fathom why intelligent human beings would attempt to subsist by eating JUNK, meaning all the processed, canned, and ultra-sweetened foods and drinks that are only available in our grocery stores because we buy them. We mix these in with everything else. There are consequences for eating junk foods; it affects behavior and thought processes, and we are the losers.

Somewhere I read, "The best way to lengthen your life is to avoid shortening it!" If you will refrain from overeating and combine your foods correctly, you should never again have a problem with weight control or experience that bloated feeling. Constipation will be eliminated, except for that which comes from eating too fast, (not chewing food well enough), drinking with meals, or mismanaged stress (emotions), and the effects of the stress will be less with proper food combining. Your odds for avoiding illness will be greatly improved. Years will be added to your life, and even more importantly, life will be added to your years.

Men don't die, they kill themselves. Conversely, old age doesn't cause illness. By simply respecting our biological limitations and eating foods in compatible combinations with the body's digestive chemistry, we learn that being healthy can be easy. The real challenge then is spreading the word that it's not necessary to be sick.

Remember that one of life's laws is replenishment. If we do not eat, we die. Just as surely, if we don't combine foods properly and eat the kinds of foods, which will nourish our bodies, we will not only die pre-maturely, but suffering along the way will inconvenience us.


1. Proteins and Starches should not Be Eaten Together!
Mixing proteins and starches is one of the worst of the disease-producing habits. There is no way this combination will digest properly. You're thinking, "What about meat and potatoes, hamburgers, sub sandwiches, meat pizzas, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and all those other favorites? Take, for example, the hamburger--the meat is a protein and the bread is a starch. It takes a series of acid digestive juices to digest the protein (pepsin, hydrochloric acid), and a series of alkaline digestive juices to digest the starch (ptyalin, maltase), as explained earlier. When proteins and starches are combined, their digestive juices neutralize each other and digestion comes to a halt. Then, as we have learned, when food doesn't digest, it rots.

2. Fruits Should Not Be Eaten With Starches!
The digestion of fruits requires hardly any time at all in the mouth and stomach, while starches require most of their digestion in those areas. The fruit sugars are quickly absorbed into the intestines, while the starch requires chemical and mechanical digestion in the mouth and stomach. Incidentally, starch is the only food that begins to digest in the mouth with the enzyme Ptyalin. When sugar, for which no Ptyalin is required, is combined with starch, the mouth fills with saliva and the signals get jumbled; impaired digestion is the result. If the fruit sugars are held up in the stomach awaiting the digestion of starch, fermentation is inevitable. The rule of thumb when eating fruit is to eat fruit as a fruit meal. This gives a new perspective to some of the old favorite combinations - the raisin bran products, fruit preserves on toast, bananas on cereal, carrot slaw with raisins. Oranges with rice is a bad combination that is easy to identify and doesn't even sound good.

3. Fruits Should Not Be Eaten With Proteins.
Here, too, the fruit sugars are absorbed directly into the intestines and the protein requires much time digesting in the stomach. If the sugars are held back in the stomach while the protein is digesting, fermentation will result. The only exception to this rule is the avocado, which combines well with acid and sub-acid fruits. There is enough oil in seeds and nuts to prolong the protein digestive gastric juices in the stomach, while the fruit sugars of acid fruits are absorbed into the intestines.

4. Fruits and Vegetables Should Not Be Eaten Together!
When these are combined, the digestion of the fruit is delayed and fermentation again occurs. Lettuce and celery are exceptions and may be combined with any fruit except melon. Tomatoes are a fruit and an exception to the rule, also. You can have tomatoes with the following vegetables - lettuce, celery, okra, cucumbers, eggplant, bell peppers and summer squash. Melons Should Be eaten alone or Left Alone!

5. Melons combine with NO OTHER FOOD.
They are in their simplest form and require no digestion time at all in the stomach. If they are held back in the stomach while something else is being digested, again, fermentation will take place. Put a piece of melon outside in the sun at 80-90 degrees and see how quickly it decomposes. It's no wonder that melons bother so many people. They eat them before, with, or directly after a meal. There is NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE. Eat melons alone or leave them alone.

6. Acid and Sweet Fruits should not be Eaten Together!
These two food groups definitely should not be combined. Banana and grapefruit, oranges and raisins, tangerines and prunes don't even sound like good combinations, do they? NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE!

7. Do Not Mix more than 4 to 6 Fruits or Vegetables at a Meal!
The simpler the meal, the better you feel. Benjamin Franklin made the following observations regarding the eating habits of his time, showing that things haven't changed much: "I've seen few die of hunger, but 100,000 of overeating." "There's more that die from the platter than from the sword!" "When feasts are spread, the doctor rolls his pills, and in 50 dishes lie a hundred ills. Think health. When you have it, you have everything. When you
don't, nothing else matters.

Below is a favorite recipe excerpted from my recipe guide; a great one to start the day or for a mid-morning snack instead of coffee.

Wayne's Banana-Dana

In 12 ounces of distilled water, soak 4 ounces of raisins and 4 ounces of dates for 24 hours. Then add 6 sliced bananas and mix well. This is a fantastic treat and serves 2 people!

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All my very best to you

Wayne "The Mango Man" Pickering = The Ambassador for Health

PS There are two issues I need to clarify from my last recipe about wheat, oats and rye are for horses. Wheat is not good for horses but it was a slip of my writing when I wrote it at 2 AM much like tonight. But wheat, rye and oats are not for human consumption that's for absolute sure. Thanks to an anonymous reader for calling me on that one.

The other issue was the salt I allowed for that recipe. It was the least of the evils for those salt lovers who will NOT use sea kelp or sea dulse but want a salt come heck or high water. So that was the reason I put that one in there as it is so much better than that iodized salt you buy in grocery stores. Refer back to that article for your source of that salt. Thanks to Dr. Doug Graham who always catches me and keeps me on track with those sorts of things of which I'm grateful

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