"ALL ABOUT AIR & How to Quit Smoking"

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I want to talk to you a little bit about AIR and

1. How to feel like a million dollars all over again.
2. How to insure yourself of the cleanest air possible
3. Why do we need it?
4. The easiest way to get it!
5. Tips on how to get it while you sleep and why it's so important at that time of day!
6. How to quit smoking! The price smokers pay to play!

We can live without food for 100 days with no problem; we can live without water for 10 days with some possible problems; but without air for 10 minutes and you have major problems…you are now a corpse!

And think about it, just as much as 75 years ago the standard medical procedure was to totally restrict people from getting fresh air when they were sick. They said it was dangerous. It was actually feared and worst of all was the night air. They would plug up any entrance of air into the room altogether. But luckily today they are a little more open to allowing the sick to get fresh air, so we are making progress.

Even though it's our most urgent, necessary element to keep us living, we almost always take it for granted. We never think of "well I wonder if there's enough air today? I'm really quite busy and will get to really breathing tomorrow." Although it's not likely that we'll be concerned about the quantity, but we do have to concern ourselves about the quality of it.

Why is Clean Air so vital to us and our staying well for life?

If oxygen doesn't get to our cells then they die within seconds. Stop the flow of air to any part of your body and watch it within a short time turn BLUE. Here's a good analogy for oxygen - squeeze your finger & notice the end of the finger hurts worse than where you are squeezing it. NO OXYGEN…

We receive our supply of oxygen by taking it from the air into our lungs. This is called respiration. Our lungs are filled with billions of small air sacs where it is purified, supplied with oxygen and routed throughout the body. When we breathe out, we exhale carbon dioxide gas and a lot of other waste from the bodily functions. As a matter of fact, the amount of carbon dioxide we breathe out during a 24-hour period is equal to about an 8-ounce lump of charcoal.

And it's unbelievable that we consume more weight in air than in food and water combined. Now it's easy to see why people become so devitalized with polluted air. The air in most cities is like toxic chemical soup…carbon monoxide; nitric acid; sulfuric acid; hydrochloric acid; hydrocyanic acid; benzene; methane; ammonia and a heap of others!

Now since we know the extreme importance of clean fresh air, what are some of the ways we can get the best air and to make the best use of the air we breathe?

Here are a couple things that I recommend…

1. Exercise is truly one of the best ways to oxygenate your entire body. And the best form of exercise is the one you do.

2. Go where the best air is. I chose to live close to the Ocean here in Florida but you can get terrific air living in the country where there a lot of trees and plants as they absorb carbon dioxide and give off fresh clean air. Or if you live in the city, have a lot of plants around the inside an outside of your house and a good air purifier would really help.

Now let's talk about something else about good clean air that most of us never think about too much.

It's when we are sleeping. I leave my windows open 365 days a year sometimes wider than other times of the year.

But it's when we are sleeping is when the body is doing all the work of cleaning and repairing and breathing sub cortically without our thought. And we breathe out all that carbon dioxide all night for at least 6-8 hours. If we are in a closed room, then we are breathing all that waste the body just got rid of right back into our lungs. So when we sleep we are also assimilating our nutrients from the food we ate that day along with the elimination process, which becomes deprived of what the body needs most to nourish itself…fresh air!

One of the reasons why we wake up groggy in the morning is we have been deprived of that fresh oxygen the body craves. This is also of course if we didn't eat too late that night where our body had to work extra hard to break the food down which uses an incredible amount of energy.

And of course you can be certain that any interference with the proper functioning of the lungs will surely bring about a definite depletion of our vitality and early death.

Now this brings me to the smoking issue.

This is a human tragedy of unparalleled proportion. Over 1000 people die of Tobacco related sickness every single day in this country alone and that is 7 times more than all those who die in automobile accidents. And more people die every year of Tobacco related sickness than the total number of Americans who died in World War 1; World War 11 and the Viet Nam War COMBINED! That's incredible to me.

The American Lung Association calls the Tobacco Industry "Merchants of Death"! The AMA calls them VULTURES!

According to Dr. William Poland, the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, "Tobacco has far worse addictive potential than alcohol or heroin."

Have you ever noticed how much salt and pepper Smokers use? Tobacco smoke is much hotter than those condiments and wipes out millions of taste buds and cells in wholesale proportion.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 3000 chemical substances and here a just a few of them.

· Acrolein which causes cancerous vapors.

· Carbon Monoxide which interferes with the oxygen being transported from the lungs to the tissue.

· Nicotine which is a poisonous alkaloid that is used as an insecticide and to kill parasite worms in animals. Did you know that if you took the nicotine from just one pack of cigarettes and ingested at one time you would die instantly?

· Ammonia which is used as a coolant in refrigerators; air conditioning and is used to make explosives, artificial fertilizers, and disinfectants.

· Formic Acid which is a gas, used in processing textiles and leather and causes blistering in the lungs.

· Hydrogen Cyanide is a lethal poisonous liquid used in chemical processes including fumigation and case hardening of steel. And it's the very gas that is used in Capital Punishment.

· Nitrous Oxide is a poisonous gas that weakens the tissues and makes you more susceptible to respiratory problems.

· Formaldehyde is a pungent gas used primarily as a disinfectant and preservative. And it irritates the mucous membranes of the body.

· Phenol is a caustic; poisonous gas used in disinfectants and is found in wood tar and coal.

· Methanol which is a poisonous liquid used in automotive antifreeze, rocket fuels, dyes, resins, drugs and perfumes.

· Methyl Chloride which is used as an antiknock agent in gasoline.

Now I could go on but there is only enough time on this show to cover a few. And we don't even have the technology to find out what all of them do together when they are in the body at once. Now can you see why if you ingested the nastiness of the chemicals of just one pack of cigarettes into your body at one time why you would die instantly? You just couldn't stand it. I can remember the first time I dipped Copenhagen Snuff. Well it was SWEAT TIME DELUXE! And nobody had to tell me not to swallow the second time. It was much like as my good friend Willie Jolley says, Pit Bull Pain…the kind of pain where if a pit bull gets on your leg, well it's time to get a new leg.

People are not too macho any more after all those years of letting cigarettes hang out their mouths when they now have a voice box in their throat where they have to talk through a tube sticking out from their throat.

You have to wonder about our government at the way the Department of Health and Human Services are spending millions of our tax money each year telling us the treachery of tobacco and another branch of the government "The Department of Agriculture" subsidize the growing of tobacco. One is telling us to stop smoking as we are GOING TO DIE from it and the other one is helping them grow the stuff. No cohesion there, I'll grant you. You have to want to quit sucking the fags as they call them in Canada.


Now about the sidestream smoke.

The question here is not whether side stream causes you any problems but rather at what degree or magnitude?

The three most common poisons in tobacco are TAR, NICOTINE, and CARBON MONOXIDE! Carbon Monoxide is the most deadly. The side stream smoke contains twice the tar, twice the nicotine and five times the carbon monoxide.

In the LA TIMES on August 15, 1986 there was a new study that showed where "People sitting in a room filled with cigarette smoke retain the dangerous chemicals twice as long and they inhale more than twice as much as people doing the actual smoking."

I saw a sign one day that read like this:


Cigarette smoke is the residue of your pleasure. It contaminates the air and pollutes my hair and clothes, not to mention my lungs.

This takes the place without my consent.

I have a pleasure also. I like a beer now and again. The residue from my pleasure is URINE! Would you be annoyed if I stood on a chair and urinated on your head and clothes without your consent?



What is so significant about 21,900?

Would you like to have that many dollar bills?

Would you like to have that much of anything?

Well here is what 21,900 really is! If you have 21,900 shoes and lined them up from heel to toe, they would stretch for at least 2 miles long. If you had that many watermelons, why you could fill you whole house and garage. Well what is the significance of 21,900! If you smoke that many cigarettes down to a little more than the filter then the butts would be more than the whole volume of your body.

If you smoke 3 packs a day and I know of a lot of people who do and they are always hacking. Two things I know that smokers can't do, 1) laugh without coughing and 2) run without gasping for air! If a person smokes 3 packs a day, that's 21,900 cigarette butts he/she throws away each year.

Now think of this…each butt has a volume of about 1/10 of a cubic inch or 2,190 cubic inches per year. Just that many butts would make a line over 3000 feet long = over ½ mile. And we have to pay the city to clean them up. Now think about the over 50 million smokers that are in the country today. Did you know that there were 3 trillion, 322 billion, cigarettes consumed just in the US in 1999! That's a lot of butts. What can be done with all those butts? Surely there could be some constructive use for them. Are they biodegradable? NO! They are pretty light; maybe they could be used for insulation for the smoker's home. Surely they wouldn't mind the stink. Maybe they could be used as insulators for water heaters or for stuffing smoker's pillows or for elephant's nests?

After a lot of thought about this, I propose that smokers eat their butts. First of all they would get more gratification orally! Maybe the filters could be flavored, as we know that people will eat just about anything if it tastes good and is textured just right. It would solve the problem of keeping the litter off the beaches, schoolyards, streets, parks, lawns, public floors and even the woods. And of course when they ate the butts, the digestive system would do enough to the butts that when they left the butts of smokers, then maybe they would be easier to dispose of ya reckon?

And finally, eating the butts would help the smokers to an earlier grave since they're on a self-destructive trip anyway with adding stomach cancer to the lung cancer they will always get. Maybe that would make them die off to where it would leave a clean place for the rest of us. May they rest in peace though perhaps they would rather go up in smoke.

Here are a few gems:

Smokers who complain about recent anti-smoking legislation should consider the following:

                  o In 1590, Japanese smokers lost their property and were jailed
                  o In 1645 the Russian Czar ordered that smokers be killed
                  o In 1683 a Chinese Law called for beheading anyone even possessing tobacco!

Now here's a Hoot for you:

The Tobacco Industry reported that it provides jobs for 57,000 Americans for their products that kill over 400,000 people a year! And these do not include the physicians; x-ray Technicians; nurses; hospital employees; firefighters; dry cleaners; respiratory specialists; pharmacists; morticians and gravediggers!

Now if you ever invented anything that killed that many people, why they would put you so far under that you would have to look up just to see down.

Tobacco Companies can say whatever they want, healthful habits do not cause suffering and death. I've never seen an obituary column filled with people who died of Pure Air!

Let me introduce to you The Tobacco Institute. They are located in a sheik part of Washington DC not far from Capitol Hill. There are about 80 employees and lobbyists there. And about 20 who are deployed around the country. And what they do is: well it would be like Hitler hiring a PR firm to convince people that "Old Adolf ain't all that bad! He's just exercising his right as a human being to express himself in his own peculiar way." That's what the Tobacco Institute tries to do for the Tobacco Industry. And in their offices they have these cutsie cards that say, "Thank you for not breathing while I smoke!" and "Kiss my Butt".

And they have the audacity to say that the reason why 98% of the instances where people cough and sneeze in places where there's cigarette smoke that it was not due to the smoke, but a fungus in the air causing the people to have an allergic reaction than the smoke. Now that's sweet, much like saying that a person who just got killed by a drunken driver telling me that the death was really caused by the paint that was spread on the 3000 pounds of steel being driven foolishly by a drunkard.

Also they tell us that they are not defending the smoke per se, but the "rights" and hires their Medical "Experts" to testify for them.


Now so far it sounded like I have been opinionated! And I surely don't want to come off as being holier than thou, but it's something everyone can quit if they want to because in my experience and research, smoking has to be the absolute worst and most destructive habit of them all.

Here are a few things to consider, as you are probably thinking about quitting. Or rather replacing that habit with something better. Or as you begin to quit…

First of all if we want to hunt a lion, we are going to go in there with a lion gun with the right ammunition. I believe if we want to break the smoking habit, then we have to go into it with the right ammunition. Now there is one thing sure as shootin', when you choose a habit, you choose the end result of that habit!

Now if you smoke for 45 years, let's consider some things. When I was growing up they cost anywhere from $0.30 - $0.50 a pack! So let's start by saying they cost at that time $0.50 (I grew up in Canada) and now just 40 years later they are over $5.00 a pack! So at that rate of increase, let's take a 16-year-old young man today.

(And by the way, there is no reason why they still won't go up in that same percentage) In 45 years from now, he will have spent over $675,500.00 sucking those cigarettes or in Canada, they call the cigarettes "FAGS"! Now as they suck on those Fags, gees, that doesn't even sound good using even that vernacular…. because they don't smoke, it's the cigarette that does the smoking. So people who suck on them are really suckers in more ways than one and not smokers as they are so commonly referred to!

Anyway, if they would have put away that money in just a money making account with just a 10% interest they would have had over ½ million dollars in the bank and lovin' life instead of letting the nicotine and all those other poisons make you hate life by living it out in absolute misery.

I can remember a real quick story to make a point here. I had one of my Aunts (I had over 11 at one time) whose name was Aunt Flo. She was one of the very best. Aunt Marjorie was the Crown Jewel of them all though. But anyway, Aunt Flo was dying of colon cancer so naturally she was on the Cancer Floor in the hospital. She happened to be sharing a room with one other lady who had lung cancer. This lady had a tube coming out of her back from her lung and it went into a bottle that she had to carry with her everywhere she went. It was the way the nicotine was draining from her lungs each day. Well I was very interested in that. Come to find out that she filled that bottle up twice a day with the most god-awful smellin' black tarry looking fluid you ever saw. Well I talked to the lady and she repeatedly asked me to spread the word about her story if I knew of someone who wanted to quit. I told her I would when the time was appropriate.

Well the next week I went to see Aunt Flo and noticed that the bed where that lady who had the tube coming from her back emptying the tar and crap into the bottle wasn't there any more. Aunt Flo told me that she died as she laid on the tube while she was asleep and stopped the tar from draining and she suffocated to death. Lord have mercy, what a horrible death that must have been.

Now if you smoke, your best hope of getting a job is pretty dismal! There are some companies who have at the top of the application page, do you smoke, and if you mark yes, then the next box says, if you marked yes, don't bother filling out the rest of this application. I say hats off to those companies for taking that stance. Here's the reason for that. If you smoke, it cost the employer almost $5,000.00 a year more to hire a smoker than a non-smoker. Let's take for example

The added expense of just proper ventilation where the smoking is permitted. The average smoker misses 2.2 days more work a year than a non-smoker because of sickness and they steal an average of 30 minutes a day sucking on those cigarettes. Now 30 minutes a day 5 days a week x 50 weeks they work = 125 hours that they stole from the company @ $15.00 an hour average, as there is higher and lower wage earnings throughout the US, but let's take $15.00 x 125 hours and that's $1875.00 in stolen wages and not to account for the lost productivity.

But a pipe smoker is even worse as he lights it, packs it, fills it, empties it, smokes it, and steals 90 minutes a day! It's a weird habit that is nothing more than a weakness of the mind thinking they can't quit. My younger brother quit just like that after he had a double brain aneurysm where they actually had his skull off his head while they operated on it and the doctor told him he would definitely die if he didn't quit….HE QUIT! Because at that point he made up his mind to quit. YOU CAN TOO! But I surely wouldn't let it go that far by all means. Now here's another sure fact, sooner or later YOU WILL QUIT!

So with all this statistics about the extra cost with non-production of a smoker (sucker) it actually cost the company in extra insurance, clean up, etc. in a 45 years period at just 10% interest over $3,750,000.00 more to have a smoker than a non-smoker. That's why it will be harder to get a job if you smoke. You had better be extra good at what you are applying for it you smoke because you are going in the job with a negative balance with credibility right off the bat.

Even more than that, every time a smoker (sucker) lights up another cigarette, they just traded 16 minutes of their life for a puff of the stuff!

3 major reasons why people start smoking

                  1. Parents smoke
                  2. Peer pressure
                  3. Advertising

You choose to smoke and it was a real effort to look cool without all that coughing when you started. And to learn the etiquette of smoking by the way you hold it and the way you blow rings from one nostril into another, etc. or the proverbial "FRENCH INHALE"!

One other disadvantage of smoking is you lose a lot of friends who don't smoke and who are a lot of times more popular people & who are better athletes and better dancers and usually nicer all the way around.

And more sales have been lost with that habit than any other single thing I can think of through all my research in successful selling.

Here are some things to remember and keep in front of you as you quit. Smoking cause cancer; bad heart problems; high blood pressure; skin to wrinkle; depletes your body's vitamin-C reserves; and even causes impotence. The National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service phone number is 800-422-6237 for free information pamphlets.

You chose to start and you can choose to quit!

Winners basically choose winning habits and losers basically choose losing habits.

Remember when you choose a habit, you choose the end result of that habit.

Being positive is a habit … being negative is a habit.

Being healthy is a habit … being sick is a habit

Being early is a habit … being late is a habit

Being nice and not swearing is a habit… being grouchy and cussing is a habit.

All in all, good habits are hard to develop and easy to live with. And bad habits are easy to develop and hard to live with.

So now if you choose to quit, here's how:

1. It's hardest the first 2-3 days, but here's where you get to pamper yourself… take a warm bath 2-3 times a day for about 20-30 minutes and this will help you relax more than anything else. When you want another cigarette when you think you can't stand it any longer, then jump back in the shower or the tub as it's hard as the dickens to smoke in the shower.
2. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day between meals and keep a record if necessary. The more fluid you get into your body the faster the nicotine is washed from your body. No beer or wine or any alcohol as this triggers the cigarette craving all over again. One bad habit begets another.
3. Sleep a lot for the first 5-7 days. Have regular times for meals and conserve that energy to rid the body as fast as the body can rid itself of that addiction of nicotine.
4. After meals, go outside and walk a bit and do the 1:4:2 breathing technique. You'll be amazed at how fast you'll come around. When I came back from the war I couldn't get any pot as I was the new kid on the block so I wound up quitting but the energy I had to go and swim a the "Y" was unbelievable. I joined the softball team at work and started my life all over it seemed. I couldn't believe how much better I felt and never really knew what a natural buzz was. I'm equating the pot with tobacco as I was smoking over a pack of joints a day and if you don't' think that's addicting, well I don't suggest you try it as it was a beast to quit.
5. Drink some herbal teas.
6. During the first 5-7 days try to adopt a vegetarian eating plan without all those spicy foods as they are addicting as well. If we can replace bad habits with better ones, it makes it easier to embrace the change.
7. Eat lots of fruit and vegetable and few grains especially those with GLUTEN in them like wheat, oats, rye and barley! Millet and rice are very good. Include lots of broccoli and cauliflower daily cooked lightly.
8. You need to be careful with whom you choose to hang around with. You actually become like those you hang around with. Just notice how you pick up an accent.
9. Your most important aid in quitting is to ask for divine guidance, as we have never been given a problem too much for us to handle no matter what it is. And you can call me or e-mail me for that support you'll get when you call me or e-mail me. You are a special person with greatness and not a garbage dump with a hairy lid.

There was this 2000-year-old Sequoia Tree that was just a sapling when Christ roamed the earth. By the time of the Civil War, it was at its zenith…full maturity and a glorious piece of creation. Then one day a small beetle boar through the bark with great effort! After a few weeks it laid a few 100 eggs, then after a few months they laid up to several 1000 eggs. Then in a couple years there were several million of them and they ate the inside of that tree plumb up! And the resistance of the wind and rain finally made that massive giant of a tree come tumbling down. Those little destructive habits will make that glorious person you really are come tumbling down as sure as shootin' to where you are as worthless as that once beautiful glorious giant piece of creation.

Now I know we all have done some things that we regret in our lives. And it seems that The BAD STUFF is always easiest to remember about ourselves. Our past may be blemished, but our future is spotless.

You are not a smoker; you are a special person with greatness and an un-negotiable self worth. And your self worth is so much greater and more important to the ones who love you the most than your net worth will ever be. You have the power to change, but you have to want it bad enough knowing that we always want what we want when the want is more than the effort. Breathe like a champion, as that's who you are. I truly appreciate you! Be good to yourself, as you ARE the best you got!

Wayne "The Mango Man" Pickering = The Ambassador for Health

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