"The BEST REST when You're STRESSED!"

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You know I got to tell that I've never met anyone rich or poor who isn't under some kind of stress at times. And with most of us who are in business and when we deal with people whether it be employees or unkind customers, it's a mess of stress we have to contend with. And man oh man, can it ever interfere with our sleep patterns. So I got to thinking of what I could share with you this week to help you get to sleep right away with the stress melting away for those moments while you do this little guaranteed plan I put together some time ago.

I read a little phrase one time; "The trouble with life in the fast lane is that you get to the other end in an awful hurry."
-- John Jensen

My line is, "We are on the Road to Death so there's no need to jump in the Passing Lane!"

Stress is the energy we put into those things that are nothing but a thing in the first place. There's a phrase 'in the streets' that goes like this "IT AIN'T NOTHING BUT A THING, DUDE!"

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Here's what I do EVERYDAY and I never miss a day and it ALWAYS takes my breath away. It's the last thing I do before I go to bed each night.

I go down to the beach at the end of my street and lay on a lounge chair at one of the condominiums and I watch the stars while I feel the ocean breeze and hear the ocean sounds. I have to tell you that as I smell that air (10 deep breaths) and watch the stars, I always think of the video series I just watched on ASTRONOMY where the universe was described like this.

The earth is a pretty big place, but is only a very small part of our solar system, which includes 9 planets, and the sun, moon and some other beings way out there. But then our solar system is only a spec in the "MILKY WAY GALAXY", which has billions of stars, etc. Well there are billions of Galaxies of equal or greater magnitude, which are called 'CLUSTERS' and the are billions of these Clusters, which make up a "SUPER CLUSTER". There are billions of these Super Clusters, which make up our UNIVERSE! So remember, "It ain't nothing but a thing."

So as I'm looking at the Stars, I marvel at this awesome thing we experience each day we call life and what is it really all about anyway? I'm convinced we are here to serve each other with what we are genuinely passionate about all the while creating a service to where everyone who is involved in the service has equal opportunity to gain. So after about 15-30 minutes of that I am usually ready to come back home, of which I am ready for bed.

But as you would guess, I'll start thinking of those stressful moments and I start stressing out again. But here's the real icing on the cake. I totally stop for just 30 seconds and I tune into the sounds of the crickets or whatever those little critters are out there making all those sounds…Frogs and all that. But when I hold my attention to those sounds uninterrupted for those 30 seconds, I promise you I'm waking up the next morning and that is 100% of the time. It's a gift to us to be able to listen to those awesome sounds.

Even if we are experiencing a stressful day, that is the greatest way I know of tuning out the stress … by tuning into the sounds of nature all day. And there is a way EVERYWHERE no matter where we are at the moment to do this. I speak in a lot of major cities and there are always birds and locusts and other things out there I can tune in to and it's a real quick fix if I ever saw one.

It really helps to balance out our Circadian Rhythm. I know you have heard me talk about this Rhythm before so I think now is a great time to give you a thumbnail sketch of what it's all about.

There are 3 Basic principles in Nature that make up this rhythm and Balance is the key to perfect health. These can be found everywhere in nature, including our mind and body. For normal and healthy functioning of our physiology and for a settled and alert mind, balance in the Key!

1. The motion principle
2. The metabolism principle
3. The structural principle

The principle of movement is responsible for the nervous system, breathing and all motion in the physiology. It corresponds to the elements air and space. When you are balanced is this area, sleep is sound and elimination is good; you'll usually feel energetic, blissful, enthusiastic and creative; the mind is calm, clear and alert.

The metabolism principle is responsible for all metabolic activities. It regulates digestion and the temperature of the body. Mentally it stands for a sharp intellect and regulates the emotions. When you are balanced is this area, it gives contentment, energy, good speech, good digestion, right body temperature, and a clear and sharp intellect.

The structural principle is responsible for giving solidity and stability and regulates the fluid balances. When you are balanced is this area, it gives strength, stamina, a good immune system, patience and mental stability.

Balance of these 3 areas result in stable health, permanent well-being and a person
radiates natural beauty and attractiveness. But I have to tell you there are a lot of factors which influence these 3 principles, i.e. our work, our daily routine or the seasons and basically all thought patterns and activities that we face day by day.

This is probably one of the chief reasons why I'm such a bug about eating foods that grow in your type of environment, when is season and at the right time of day.
They all have such an impact on how we deal with stresses and with our sleep cycle.

In one of my Tele-seminars I had the great fortune of interviewing the incredible, Ronald Cridland, M.D. has been working in Sleep Medicine full time at the Canadian Sleep Institute since 1998. Let me share with you some of the notes from that interview.

SLEEP is the condition to where consciousness has ceased where as REST is the period of inactivity where the body regroups some of it's expended energy and there could be 4 kinds of rest mentioned here.

1) Physical Rest is where we just sit or lay down for a bit to relax.
2) Mental Rest is where we detach the mind from any and all intellectual activity!
3) Sensory Rest is where we engage in just being quiet without using our eyes, as we use up a lot of energy with our eyes. We will always hear things even when we are asleep, but not be conscious of it.
4) Emotional Rest where we withdraw for and interaction in the ups and down's of life. Basically Rest is the ceasing of all ways of using up our energy which allows the body to redirect its energy to restoration.

Now without SLEEP, we would eventually die in misery in a very short amount of time. Sleep soothes and rests the muscles, nerves and brain which is one of our best natural rejuvenators. When we sleep it's at that time we regenerate, repair and prepares us for new activity. Without Nerve Energy, the Brain and body would be functionless. Vitality could be defined largely as NERVE ENERGY. This NERVE ENERGY is to humans what the battery is to the automobile. It's the Spark of our Existence. It is every bit as important to our health as all the other things we discussed so far for example, air, water, food, sunshine, attitude all of which will assist us in staying well for life.

So the real purpose of sleep and rest is to regenerate nerve energy. There are several ways our body gets its energy three of which are REST/SLEEP/ NUTRITION; and EXERCISE (Mitochondria)! But let's talk about the rest/sleep portion of our lives, when we are sleeping, it's during that time when there are several other things that are going on in the body that are not nearly as prevalent as when we are awake.

For example the body is repairing cells, digesting and assimilating food we ate that day! It's healing tissues and organs; making new cells; replenishing cells with fuel; eliminating wastes to the proper channels…our muscles tense; our pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature all rise and fall; we become sexually aroused; and many other activities are in place. Only part of the brain is asleep, but it's at this time when all those other things I just mentioned that are going on in the body via the nervous system. We all have anywhere from 75-100 trillion cells in our body that is entirely governed and connected to the brain. So it's at this time the brain gets the most regeneration of its nerve energy.

So THE SINGLE WORST THING YOU CAN DO IS TO EAT TO SLEEP! Definitely NOT Cool! Now your body uses up the reserves of energy to digest food all night. Even though you think you are sleeping, actually you are on an overload with the incredible amount of energy it took for you to breakdown, absorb, assimilate and eliminate the food instead of allowing the body to repair itself which is one of the chief benefits of Rest.

Enjoy the improvisational wonderful you and kick the stress out the door with some of these techniques as life is just too doggone short to waste it on these things we stress out about each day. Here's a little phrase I have in my house in a few places, " Why Worry as it probably will NEVER Happen."

I did an audio series with 2 super folks who are niched very well in "Beating Burnout" and here's just a little information about that…

"How to be Happy and Prosper"

Be more productive, profitable, happy and well-balanced. Did you know that the United States National Institute of Mental Health reports that more than 20 million Americans suffer from chronic nervousness, panic attacks and phobias? Yet the problem is not just in America. A well-documented international survey showed that four out of ten New Zealanders are in advanced stages of job burnout.

Canadian born burnout specialist Dr.Bob Boudreau says the New Zealand burnout rate is typical of international results being seen in studies all over the world. The Japanese have even created a term that, in English, translates to "death by overwork"; this Asian description of burnout is called "karoshi".

Yet, even with worldwide recognition of the problem, the American Department of Occupational Safety and Health is concerned that some employers AND employees are still NOT doing enough to deal with stress that leads to burnout.
So where do you turn if you want to beat those burnout blues?

The help is here in this Audio Album! YOU WILL:

  • Learn how to balance your life so you can feel energized instead of victimized
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  • Understand how to stay comfortable with your position but still progressive with your career by knowing how to deal with rapid change.
  • Discover how to maintain high, positive morale throughout the year while at the same time avoiding symptoms of burnout.
  • Learn how to be mentally present at work, at home and in every important event of your life without reaching overload.
  • Determine how to be more relaxed, accomplish more under pressure, feel excited about every aspect of your life and enjoy a more well-balanced lifestyle.

"Tough times don't last, tough people do!"

Beating Burnout

All my best to you and enjoy these tips to help you deal with that stress that's gnawing at you.

Wayne "The Mango Man" Pickering = The Ambassador for Health


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We also thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm and energy! The examples you used were very appropriate to each of us and we could relate to them easily.

I would recommend you to any organization that wants a program filled with education, fun, high energy, and most importantly "walk-away value". Thank you again for sharing and caring.

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