"Does Nutrition Heal Disease?"

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And what a day it was today. Rode the bike on the beach with my good friend, John Banks, to the Ponce Inlet jetty, which is 46 miles round trip.
And it was a hot one at that. But we had some time to go over some questions he had about this Hepatitis "C" he has.

His main concern was, would nutrition heal this problem. Since he's doing the chemotherapy route, (much to my discouragement) he has been going through some real changes and has affected him greatly. But with his schooling in the 'treat disease' mentality, it was much too much to try and get him to do it up better.

I think this would be good for us to consider. There are more Roads to Daytona from Tampa than I-4 and some of them are so scenic. There are more avenues of pursuit of your illness than the traditional route of Chemotherapy and Radiation, etc. Sure a grenade will kill the mice in your garage but you also don't have a garage anymore.

All nutrition is, is a series of 4 processes that the body employs to make food materials for the body to use. (Thanks to Dr. Alec Burton in Australia for making that clear many years ago)! So there is nothing magical about Nutrition. It doesn't heal or cure a doggone thing. It's just a method for getting the food value to the body. The body when it has the elements of health in place will do some miraculous things. And with the 1000's of testimonies we've received over the 25 plus years I've been teaching nutrition, really opened my eyes to the power of doing just that. In short, FOOD DOESN'T ACT, IT'S ACTED UPON…by the body! There's no pill, herbal remedy, drug, supplement or food for that matter will ever heal…cut and dry!

But poor nutrition can cause problems and I really like what Dr. Everett Koop had to say about that… "15 out of 21 deaths in this country are caused by POOR NUTRITION!" Now that is a pretty strong statement when you count all the accidents, rapes, murders, etc. that 15 out of 21 deaths in this country are a result of poor nutrition.

It's through nutrition that we came into existence; through nutrition that we have whatever vigor we possess. And our health corresponds precisely to the quality of our nutrition. This is true with all plant & animal life! Living organisms, wherever found, with all their wonderful capacities & enjoyments are merely the results of nutrition & drainage! Notice how your plants live when they get good nutrition and have good drainage but will soon die in their own sewage and starve from lack of good nutrition.

The basic-4 food groups that hang on the schoolhouse walls are nothing more than an advertisement for those industries. Just flip the chart over and see who printed the material. The consequences in believing in the 4-food groups are many and just to name a few:
1) 1 out of 2 of our people die of heart attacks;
2) 1 in 10 women have breast cancer;
3) Obesity is epidemic in this country......etc...etc.
4) The only way you won't die of cancer is that you'll die of
a heart attack first. And the list goes on. If you have diabetes, you'll have to look forward to losing you hands, legs, sight, etc. Not a pretty picture, so what can you do. If all these are related to diet, then let's clean up our diet and get on with keeping the fun in the living!

Dr. Charles Mayo said, "let me repeat one solemn truth which should be repeated over & over again each day until everybody comprehends its meaning and acts upon it, normal resistance to disease is directly dependent upon adequate food!"

My (The Mango Man's) philosophy about eating is very simple:
"If you want to be tough, you've got to eat good stuff!"

Now if you want some good fresh oats, well you have to pay a fair price for them, however if you can be satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse, well those come a little cheaper. The price of quality food is insignificant when it compares to the enormous benefits of what we have discovered over these last 25 plus years with the best food. Check some of them out.

1. LESS Body FAT
2. MORE Energy
3. Skin Problems DISAPPEAR
4. Constipation becomes a THING OF THE PAST.
5. The Stomach Products that Fizz-Fizz, FAZE OUT!
6. Medical Bills are DRASTICALLY REDUCED!
7. Grocery Bills are MUCH LESS.
8. IMPROVED Digestion
9. Your Clothes fit BETTER
10. SWEETER smelling Breath
11. Your Attitude is SHARPENED
12. Helps to IMPROVE Circulation.
13. INCREASES your Muscle Tone
14. Helps you to Sleep MORE SOUNDLY
15. LESS Nervous Tension

The Perfect Diet Mini Program

Did you know that France; Italy and Chile have the highest rate of alcoholism in the world and they have the highest rates of cirrhosis of the liver in the world and they have the highest rate of wine consumption.....Zig Ziglar

So just because there are staples of a population, doesn't give them any virtues. I was reading in the National Geographic January 1998 Issue where:
1 Billion Years Ago, Life Began on this planet
1 Billion Minutes Ago, Christianity Emerged and
1 Billion Coca Colas Ago was Yesterday Morning.

So let's equate to that as 1 Billion Dollars. Here's how much that is so you can relate to the enormous amount of coca-colas 1 billion is. If you spent $100,000.00 every day for the next 25 years, you would still have $87 ½ million left. Is that a "Boy Howdy" or what?

Nutrition is a science and NEVER changes. It's Generic and Timeless.

So ask yourself, "Do you want the cream of the crop or the cream of the crap?" And when you think of it, it was through food that sin entered the world

So going back to my buddy, John Banks… I'm there for him, as I love him, his wife and kids. But this is what I told him I make all my clients aware of right off the bat.

I don't treat disease. Disease is the body's resistance against a cause or series of causes. My greatest lesson when it comes to being healthy is actually in 3 parts:

1) We never catch disease; we earn it as it stems from crud in the blood from being drunk with junk!

I know that sounds like the antithesis of our educational system. But it has saved my life more than once.

2) We are all healthy automatically by design and sick only by default.

Everything the body does is for the sake of survival or self-preservation. If you cut yourself, whether we like it or not, innately the wound starts to heal. Sometimes it takes longer to heal depending on the amount of poison we have in our body that the body has to deal with on a normal basis. I would encourage you to go to my website and read all the free 1-page articles. Click on free stuff and go to the article section and read about the 9 things that will keep you healthy all the time. Then click on "The Perfect Diet Program" along with multitude of TESTIMONIALS for your mental perusal!

3) We only get well by what comes out of us, never by what goes into us.

This one is a real biggie. In so many words, beat it, don't treat it or you'll cheat it! The only way I could help you or your loved one is to lay out the foundation for being healthy with a strong emphasis on sensible eating.

Dr. Douglas Graham made so much sense in his little book, "Grain Damage" when he made this provocative thought. "Does it ever seem peculiar to you that dog and cat food commercials stress the nutritional qualities of the foods, mentioning that optional nutrition gives your pet the best chance of growing well and living healthfully? Why, do you ask, are children's foods marketed for their colors, shapes exciting qualities and deliciousness, but not the nutrient quality? Adult foods are promoted for their speed of delivery, their zest, zing and sizzle, but rarely for their health building qualities. Why are these food commercials invariably followed by commercials for antacids? Did you ever wonder about this?"

I feel this is something to think about. Our bodies are not garbage dumps with hairy lids. We are marvels of design and are never made to be sick at any age, no matter what anyone else says. Old age doesn't cause sickness. If that was the case, then everyone who was old would be sick and we know that just isn't the case.

This is the reason for "The Perfect Diet Mini Program" I will endeavor to keep you motivated long enough for you to return to health once again. I only wish I had known this kind of information when I was so sick that life was always a problem to be solved rather than a joy to be lived.

In all my years in this life changing business of health, I have never found one shred of evidence in all the motivational books, The Bible, or any of the other self-help books to support the notion that we are in this world to be either sick, fat, miserable or broke. We are all here to have abundance in life and not created to be sick. I know that this information was a revelation to me and in turn I trust it will be for you!

Now the bottom line in your daily life and it could easily be listed as the 11th Commandment, "Thou shalt not poison thyself!" We can't poison ourselves from the time we get up till we go to bed at night without having some kind of problem. And the longer we try to appease the condition and continue the same habits that got us sick in the first place, well we will ultimately find ourselves in a worse condition. This is not rocket science stuff here. In summation, do healthy things and you are rewarded handsomely with glowing health.

Now to the issue at hand, does Nutrition Heal Disease? Certainly NOT!

Best to you

Wayne "The Mango Man" Pickering = The Ambassador for Health

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