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About 27 years ago I was really trying to find out about how to be healthy as I battled with it for so long. I just wanted to know how I could live my life without all those hassles I was sort of just getting 'used to' thinking it was just a part of life and was supposed to get worse as I got older. After having been as much as 50 pounds overweight, 3 serious bouts with Rheumatic Fever, Gout at 23 years old and had me laid up for over 3 weeks in West Texas, terrible gum problems, Rheumatoid Arthritis so bad I had to quit one job in West Texas when I was working in the Oil Fields and I could go on with many of the sinus problems and horrendous stomach problems with gas that defied description, I was almost ready to give up.

But then I moved to Florida where I saw a bunch of people who were enjoying health to the max and that rekindled my spirit. But I really had no one to glean from so it was all a trial and error at first.

I was influenced by so many well meaning people who had every idea from coffee enemas to living on nothing but the air we breathed for months at a time. And they all had a great amount of support material to make that sort of stuff believable. So I bought it hook line and sinker just hoping I could be free and I mean TOTALLY FREE of disease once and for all.

After splashing muratic acid (I think I misspelled that word but it was something I wanted to forget anyway) into my face (by accident of course) and couldn't see out of my right eye for weeks and was
told I would never see again with it and that's when I met the most fantastic person who helped me to understand my body and how wonderfully we are designed. His name was Dr. George W. Foster and he was a God Send believe me. After 5 days of working with Dr. Foster, I TOTALLY cleared up the problem but it was that great accident that led me to what I'm doing to this day.

I like what my good friend Willie Jolley in Washington, DC says and is the title of his book, "Our Set Backs are Set Ups to Come Back"! That is so true and as I look back on all that garbage I went through, it was really the best thing that could have happened to me as it really shaped my career of being of service to my fellow man. I am so blessed that I can help so many folks.

I learned a most valuable lesson in life that the best things in life aren't things, it's life. And here is my take on life and I hope this touches you in a great way… "Create a service out of what you are genuinely passionate about so that everyone who is involved in that service has equal opportunity to gain. And with that service, get in the position to where you can give as much as you can away totally free" When we do that, boy, is life ever worth while.

Thanks heavens I found out that age didn't caused sickness as I was noticing a lot of elderly who were very healthy and then I began to study all those who were over 100 years young and I do mean young. Well I made some great discoveries and found out that we don't have to be sick at any age no matter what all the hype is out there to get our money.

Now that I am totally free of disease, it's a pleasure to keep you abreast of how to do the same each week. Now, let's continue with this vegetarian subject. So after many years of fasting and eating totally raw and being a strict vegan (no meats, fish, fowl, eggs or dairy) for over 23 years, I started to notice all those who were very healthy into their 90's and above. And by the way there are over 100,000 folks in just the United States who are over 100 years right now as we speak, so that is really encouraging.

So what in the world were they doing? I'll talk about that in a few moments. But let me tell you some of the facts of eating meats.

It is not my intention to sway you from eating flesh/meats. From my years counseling with folks on Nutrition, I have found that some people can eat meat and not feel a lot of negative nutritional affects. But I've observed that if people are going to eat flesh (Fish, Chicken and other meats) then let's see that we eat it sensibly. It would be no more than 4-6 ounces at any one time. Never Fry, Charcoal Broil/Grill or Microwave it or anything else for that matter. (A little side note, isn't it something that we are told not to use microwaves because of the radiation have a tendency to cause cancer then they use radiation to kill cancer… something funny about that picture wouldn't you say?) And of course, combine it properly for optimum digestion, i.e. "eat greens with Proteins". That could mean lots of non-starchy Vegetables with whatever source of flesh you're consuming at the time. This was one of the reasons that sparked my authoring "The Food Combining Guide"!

Here are some facts for your mental perusal!

Flesh is the DEAD carcasses of animals…simple as that! If we eat live foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and some grains, they have an abundant supply of nutrients and energy. DEAD FOODS ARE DEAD!

Flesh eating animals have a short bowel to enable then to expel rapidly the putrefactive flesh, while humans have a long and complicated alimentary tract to enable plant nutrients to be slowly and properly taken up.

Flesh eaters have a different type of intestinal bacteria from the non-flesh eaters. Humans fall into the second category.

Flesh eaters have long and sharp teeth. Humans have the teeth to eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and some grains.

Humans can grind with their jaws, flesh eaters can not. Flesh eaters' jaws move up and down only. Notice how your dog eats food in gulps and when you feed it meat, it tears it apart and swallows it with very little chewing while a cow slowly chews the food and grinds with it's jaws.

Humans, horses, cows, antelopes, and the monkey family all sweat through their skin. All Flesh eaters sweat through their tongues.

Humans suck their liquids, flesh eaters all lap their liquids.

Humans' saliva contain starch-splitting enzymes, flesh eaters do not.

Flesh eaters have large livers and humans have a comparatively small one.

Flesh eaters secrete into their stomach 10 times the hydrochloric acid as do no-flesh eaters do not have to cope with the feathers, sinew, bones and larger quantities of meats.

Flesh eaters take nourishment from the whole beast while humans who do eat flesh usually eat just the muscle part of the beast.

Humans seldom eat raw meat. They first have to cook it to help disguise it from the corpse it really is.

In summation to this short dissertation, flesh eating is a horrendously wasteful eating habit. Slaughtered cows live first on a vegetation diet and their flesh is therefore second-hand. Even though the whole or their bodies is not consumed by humans, the cows still have to be fed upon land which might otherwise be growing food for the starving billions of people on this earth. JUST A THOUGHT!

And one other thought to consider is that we are really gatherers and NOT totally hunters.

Now about the Raw Food. The reasons why I eat more Raw than cooked are many and let me just name a few:

· Raw foods make me younger and stronger!!!
· Raw foods are more nutritious!!!
· Raw foods gives me more energy!!!
· Raw foods makes me live longer!!!
· Raw foods protects me against disease!!!
· Raw foods gives me mental clarity!!!
· Raw foods don't create toxins in my body!!!
· Raw foods open my mind to spiritual energy!!!
· Raw foods allow me to heal faster
· Raw foods let me go to the bathroom easier (oh what a wonderful thing that is I'll tell you. No more of that pushing and tugging and fretting and straining. It's in and out….see you later, bye!)
· Raw foods promote my longer sexual drive.
· Raw foods allow more oxygen to my cells.
· Raw foods stimulate a happier mood. And I could go on and on but I do want to conclude this for you this month

Now with all this in mind, let me let you in on a little secret, I only eat about 80% Raw and started eating Fish a couple years ago for no other reason other than I like it. It's what I grew up on when I was growing up in Prince Edward Island, Canada and I missed it somewhat. But I still eat totally raw 3 days a week and 4 days I eat cooked with 70% of that day's intake all raw.

Now I have to tell you I have NEVER felt better. And am still totally free of disease. What we do from Christmas to New Year's doesn't mean a hoot but it's what we do from New Year's to Christmas that really makes the difference. You are an awesome person and I totally believe in you. Sometimes others have to believe in us long enough until the belief in ourselves kicks in. Hang in there. And remember my line that "we can give in and we can give out but we must NEVER give up!"

If you are having a health challenge, then let me know so we can walk through some possible alternatives for you. But I have to let you know that I am not a Medical Doctor nor portray myself as such and I will neither diagnose nor treat specific illnesses or conditions of any kind, nor will I prescribe any remedies or treatments. That area is reserved for Medical Doctors! But we do have choices so that's where I come in.

My best to you and I thank you so much for all your tremendous feedback as I am in my 4th year of this weekly message. I went through all my files where I kept all the positive feedback and there are thousands. Thanks a million!

Wayne "The Mango Man" Pickering = The Ambassador for Health

PS I almost forget to let you know what all those people were doing who were over 100 years of age.
Check this out:

1) They all eat in MODERATION. "Even Nectar when taken to excess becomes a poison!"

2) They all eat the food that suits the type of work they do.

3) They all eat the food that grows in their type of environment.

4) They all eat the food that they are biologically adapted to. We are not rats, possums, tigers, monkeys, etc. We are people and the types of food we are designed to eat are fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, few grains and legumes. "If you put horses in Africa, China, Canada and the United States, notice they all digest food the same way. They are species specific. We are people and we are species specific.

Now that's not to say we can't enjoy some fresh (NON-SHELLFISH) Fish at times. Or maybe the occasional 4 ounce piece of white breast of Turkey or Chicken as long as they are free range & non chemically fed. My personal preference would be to abstain from all of it, but that's your choice.

5) They eat foods in compatible combinations with their body's digestive chemistry which is the significance of Perfect Diet Mini Program which shows you all about how to eat so you have the best chance of great digestion.

Isn't that great to know?

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