"Mango Man's Fitness in the Soft Sand"

The top of the day to you,

There are some incredible boat races on the beach this weekend and I wanted to ride my beach cruiser bicycle to see them, so off I went. It's incredible at the expense of those play toys. Helicopters riding real low right behind a lot of them absorbing the spray of the boats.

After watching them for quite some time I jumped back on the bike and rode for awhile when I felt like I had enough of riding the bicycle, so I tried one of my favorite fitness programs on the beach where there were no people. Try this for something different.

Walk one mile in the soft sand and then go in the water (could be a lake or river if you're not close to the ocean) then walk another mile in the soft sand. Here's what I do 3 days a week in the spring, summer and fall time. I walk 1-2 miles rigorously in the soft sand while keeping my stomach pulled in tight for a great AB workout. This will almost eliminate the need to do a lot of sit-ups for your AB routine. Keep your chest up and breathe deep while you plug along.

I used to think I had to smoke the 'wacky tobaccy' or 'soak up the suds' to get a genuine buzz. Not so… If you do this kind of a breathing technique when you walk, watch what happens… you'll be euphoric I'll guarantee you. Breathe with a 1:4:2 ratio in mind all the time. Breathe in for 3 seconds then hold for 12 seconds and breathe out for 6 seconds through both nostrils. Then do that out of each nostril for another 5 consecutive times.

After a mile or two in the soft sand I run into the ocean for 1-mile swim. Then when I get out I do the 1-2 mile walk again. At the end of the 2nd walk I will do a soft sand stretch routine. Of course there's always a lifeguard stand that's empty somewhere so I do leg stretches on that.

I was asked at a recent seminar I was presenting for one of my corporate clients as to what the best fitness program is…? Well, the best all around fitness program is really…. THE ONE YOU DO & ENJOY! If you enjoy it then you'll be looking forward to the next time to do it. And always do the program to where you feel good. What's the use in beating yourself up to where you feel miserable if it's supposed to make you feel good?

You are an incredibly awesome person who is living in the best, most opportune time in the history of the world to really make a difference. Be fit so you can be around for the long haul free of sickness, which results a lot from inactivity as well as poor eating habits.

The real benefits of this kind of program where you are not in a gym or something like that are the energy and balance you receive from it. It's outside and if you tune into the sounds of nature, it's a real treat. The aromas of the Jasmine and the Magnolia Flowers along with the birds chirping away really help to make for a terrific workout.

And this brings me to a point … I was speaking with one of our Gold Inner Circle Members, Tim Walther, who lives out in Jackson Hole, WY (which, by the way is one of the most beautiful places on earth). He has this fantastic health and wellness program geared toward more energy, peak performance and creating an extraordinary life. People from all over the country have signed up for this program because of the incredible performance experts, cutting edge processes and inspirational setting. It is VERY unique because at the end of it (you go to Jackson Hole twice), you go and climb a big mountain, The Grand Teton, one of the most pristine mountains in North America. Why climb a mountain, when I could be sitting on the beach? Well, the program is about more than climbing to the peak of a mountain. It's about climbing to the peak of life!

Now we chatted back and fourth about how some folks like mountains, and others prefer the beach. And in the end, although different strokes are for different folks, we agreed that because this program is quite an alternative, and that you might like to know about it! For more information on the program, called The Grand Adventure, call Tim toll free at 1-800-989-8434.

There are just a few spots left in the program and, he guarantees a life-changing adventure! Give him a ring. He has a website on it as well. I highly endorse what he's doing and so help me I can't understand how he can make this awesome adventure so affordable. www.granddynamics.com

My final thought for this monthly article (We always produce 1 article on the last Sunday of each month and 1 recipe for each of the other Sundays in the month) IT'S ALWAYS OUR NEXT MOVE.

We control our thoughts. This puts us in the position to control our destiny. We can alter our life by altering our thoughts. Everything that we use today…automobiles, boats, computers, air conditioners, etc. used to be just a thought.

All we need to need is to choose good healthy thoughts. Then keep choosing them as many times as necessary. As we continue to make healthier choices, then health is ours no matter what state of health we are in. We can't poison ourselves into health EVER…PERIOD! We are the master…the CEO of a Blue Corporation where we own 100% stock. Don't sell your stock cheap, put a high price tag on that stock and stay terrific. I appreciate you!

Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering = The Ambassador for Heath

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