"An Excellent Dinner (Supper)"

The top of the day to you,

I have so many folks who ask what's a good dinner (some people refer to it as supper) when you are on the road, or home, for that matter?

We've found it helpful to make this the smallest meal of the day. There's a cliche that goes something like this: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper. Well, I feel there's a lot of merit to this. But let's interpret it this way: The breakfast and lunch could be the largest meals of the day and should supply us with an abundance of energy.

It would be more helpful if the evening meal was the smallest one for the day, with the recommendation that it be your protein meal. We really don't need a lot of protein in our diet. At no other time in our lives will we grow at the percentage as that from birth until we're 3 years old. And we do that when being fed breast milk, which is really only 1.5 % protein.

Now that we have our body growth, we shouldn't have to add 20-30% protein in our diets. In my experience, all we really have to do is to shine these bodies up with the right amount of protein. So, how can we gauge how much we need to eat? It really doesn't matter if we're vegetarians or not. We should try to cap off the amount of protein we eat at about 4-6 ounces or about the size of a double deck of cards.

A good cliche to remember about the evening meal: Eat light at night! It takes about 15 minutes for the signal from your stomach to get to your brain to let it know you're full. It's called the satiety factor... Hence, "satisfaction". So, if you can remember to stop eating before you get that full feeling, you'll be amazed at the progress with your weight management and energy enhancement program.

Now, if you're eating nuts, seeds or avocados, don't be too concerned with the fat if you're only eating 4 ounces, as this is the kind of fat that your body really needs. There are 3 classes of food: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. We need a certain amount of fat in our diet. But if you're eating a lot of meat, either chicken, fish, red meats, eggs or dairy in any form, it would be a good idea to concern yourself with this kind of fat because it's the hardest type of fat for the body to deal with.

Here's a really healthy way to eat your evening protein meal: Eat greens with proteins. And try not to eat it within 4 hours before you go to bed as it takes about that long for any source of protein to finish digesting.

So, try this: Ask for a garden fresh salad to eat before your meal ... then have 2 or 3 greens (could be cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, or whatever green vegetables you enjoy the most ... prepared the way you like it. Combine these vegetables with 4-6 ounces of whatever source of protein you like (other than frying, as we've found "The more you fry, the sooner you die!"). Sounds simple enough, don't you agree?

It is your philosophy that determines the course of your life. To change your current direction, you'll find that changing your philosophy will change your circumstances. Disgust and resolve are two of the great emotions that lead to change. Isn't it better to make changes motivated by inspiration and not desperation?

Instead of saying, "I sure hope things will change". Realize it's all up to you and no one else. Don't say, "If I could, I would". Say instead, "If I can, I will ". And, “if not You …then Who?” and, “If not Now, When?”

All my best to you as you make health your first concern and not your last resort.

Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering = The Ambassador for Health

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