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And I trust your Thanksgiving was really a great one. We all have so much to be thankful for … living in a free country. And that we can be free of disease if we want. What a wonderful thing it is!

I'm often asked to write something about a healthy lunch. A lot of my speaker friends and busy entrepreneurs who work away from home are concerned about what to get while they are eating out. And if you're at home what can you have for a really healthy lunch?

Well this meal should be the most satisfying and biggest meal of the day. And it's a good idea to include a starch of some kind, but omit the protein (meat, eggs, cheese, nuts or seeds) at this meal.

Some people are adamant about having a Protein at this meal and if that be the case, then it's a must to eliminate the starches at this time for optimal digestion.

Remember if something is inharmonious, then we know that as not being harmonious, it someone is insane, we know them as not being sane (of sound mind), well if something is indigesting, that doesn't mean it's half way digesting. It's flat not digesting.

So then what happens? You're body turns the foods into alcohols and gas! Not cool! Your body hates/despises the alcohol and of course, your friends hates/despises the gas. I have to give Dr. Douglas Graham for instigating that thought!

Now, what's a starch? How about a potato prepared the way you like it most? Or maybe some whole-grain bread or some quality pasta, or even some brown rice along with some vegetables. (The rice and/or potatoes would be the better choice for that meal). I try not to eat any raw onions or tomatoes at this meal. These foods make it too hard for the starch digestive process.

I feel a good point to remember about eating starches is that they should have lots of color in them. Starches that are “white are not right” ... almost totally void of nutrients. I keep this in mind when I eat starches, especially when it comes to breads ... "the whiter the bread, the wider the spread, the sooner I'm dead!"

The benefit it of eating the starch at this meal is it helps to build that sustaining energy we need for the rest of the day. It's one of those energy gaining and not energy draining foods.

I am going to make an awesome stew for you next week for when you are home and don't have time to be over the kitchen stove all day long. Be on the look out for it. I eat it almost every day and it's a winner to the max. And EVERYONE who eats some it always raves about it.

But before I wind up this message, let me show you a couple tricks about your meal planning. When I get up I always do 5 things to start my day, which will be next month's article, but check this out.

After my 5 rituals I go into the kitchen to eat my fresh fruit or make my juice. I will have my Walkman on, listening to a motivational tape programming what I want to go into my head 1st thing to help set the tone of my activity for the day.

Someone asked me one day when I thought I would retire. I asked, “From what, my life is my job…it's a 24/7 sort of thing with all the amenities to boot. Travel, socializing, speaking, writing, enjoying nature at it's finest, etc.!”

So I'm listening to the tape which allows me the freedom of thinking I'm bored with preparing my day's meals. I do my fruit juice and now it's the best oranges from Eagle's Nest Grove in Crescent City, FL! The phone number to call as they ship is 904-698-2484 and the oranges are so doggoned good that you need to treat your self to them. Rod & Mary makes it a pleasure to shop for great fruit. Mention I sent you.

Most of the time I eat the Oranges whole but right now the Sunburst Tangerines are in and they make about the best juice money can buy and would only rival the Orlando or Honeybell Tangelos by a narrow margin.

So I make the juice and then I make my Noon Stew and then I wash a few vegetables off for the evening meal. After all that's done I go into my office and look at my schedule to see what's on for the day. I always plan this out on Sunday evening. I couldn't imagine a life without a plan.

Then I go outside for just 1-mile walk to start my body off to a good start breathing the fresh ocean air and listening to the sounds of nature. About your fitness, for every hour you are at your desk, you owe 10% of that to your fitness program. Every hour gets a minimum of 6 minutes in your fitness bank. It can pile up for the day, but it must be used up in that day.

I guess as I conclude this message, it all boils down to BALANCE. If you have a Rolls Royce, a Model “T” Ford or a Truck, they all drive in their own fashion but when just one tire goes flat, they all ride the same…not worth a hoot! Keep you life in BALANCE because there's no sense in being so into something that you're actually out of it.

Dr. Gayle Carson & I are formulating a “Boot Camp” which will have all this in it and so much more. Be on the lookout for it.

I encourage you to bask in the miracle of the dynamically wonderful you ... with all of your special uniqueness.

Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering

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