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I have a seminar I put together quite sometime ago and have entitled it, "TREAT YOURSELF TO THE BEST AS YOU'RE BAD TO THE BONE!" But I am going to make you an offer at the end of this article.

The Union Bank of Switzerland in our behalf, searched the whole world over for the best place to live -- all things considered & guess what, we're here! Everywhere else in the world, you'd have to work more hours for less pay just to pay for food, clothing and rent. The American standard of living whatever it's not, is still the place to live! People who hate it live here. What a privilege and pleasure living in North America! And to think of it, we are the envy of billions of people on the planet. And the real joy of it all is that the Spirit of America is UP! You know that even the people who hate it, live here. I've never heard of any one trying to swim to Greenland or Poland!

  1. Tokyo has over 20 million people in it and 121 million people live in Japan and is only the size of the State of California and has almost ˝ the population of the United States.
  2. The Mississippi drains into 31 states that produce 75% of America's Gross National Product. No other River in the world matches the Mississippi in Productivity….not the Amazon, Nile, or the Congo!
  3. Just Lake Tahoe has enough water to supply every American with a 5-year supply of Fresh Drinking Water and the water is pure enough to drink.
  4. Maybe what we should do in this country is re-sell ourselves on ourselves... We're special! Americans = Best
  5. My 23 countries ..Act; sing; talk; dress: duplicate everything we do
  6. Viet Nam = Oh how to have some fresh water to shower with.
  7. We as Americans are the best sales people in the world.
  8. In New Delhi = crossroads of Asia - Bowing 747's Rows & rows of them. "Best airplane sales people"
  9. Singapore = entire budget is being run on IBM computers we are the "greatest computer sales people"
  10. In China, Russia, and all over the world, caterpillar Tractors are being used to build road "We are the best heavy construction equipment sales"
  11. We have the highest standard of living the World has ever known.
  12. 1. Nat'l Geographic January 1998 Issue = 250 million kids under age 16 work for a living in the developing countries...1/2 of them work 10-12 hour days. Slavery is rampant throughout Asia and Africa. No schools!

With being the greatest salespeople in the world, I think it's time we started selling ourselves on ourselves. I encourage you to enjoy a new outlook on the new you

We all have some things we regret that has happened in our lives. And it seems that The BAD STUFF is always easiest to remember about ourselves. Our past may be blemished, but our future is spotless.

You are a special person with greatness and an un-negotiable self worth. And your self worth is so much greater and more important to the ones who love you the most than you net worth will ever be. You have the power to change, but you have to want it bad enough knowing that we always want what we want when the want is more than the effort. Breathe like a champion as that's who you are.

Learn to reward yourself with nothing but the best today, as you're the best you've got.

Now here is where I need your help, if you can come up with a title to that I will give the winning person either one of our new books on C/D entitled, “From Networking to Not Working” by Michael Stahl and myself ($24.95 Value) –or- a Personal Audio Cassette Learning entitled, “BEATING BURNOUT” with Michael Stahl, Nick Nicholas and myself again ($35.00 Value) –or- a C/D of all our last two years of Recipes, Articles and 13 one time only never to be produced again E-Zines ($24.95 Value)! We need this by October 10th, 2000! And the winner will be announced right after that. Thanks for your help!

Our door's always open here in the sunny south!

Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering

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