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I have to tell you that this is an excellent time of the year for so many things to eat. And for all of you who have been reading my articles over the last two years, you know that I encourage you to eat the foods that are in season and if they can grow in the area where you live. This time of year starting from August 10th to around September 15th is GRAPE SEASON here in Florida! A good friend of mine and fellow speaker, Tim Richardson in Jacksonville, FL sent me a list of all the places that advertised in the paper of their grapes and we could actually go and pick them for $0.80 per pound. They are the Muscadine variety and are so delicious. We went to see John & Gwen Webster in Jacksonville (904-781-4406)! Tim Richardson and his wife, Adele, along with their two kids, Russell and Charlotte (who is a real southern bell at the tender age of 1. We really should've had some pictures of how her proud mommy, Adele, had her dressed for the occasion….Bonnet and the whole bit) PLUS Michael Staley and I all went and ate till our heart's content. I picked about 40 pounds and ate about 10 pounds in the vineyard. Now here's one benefit of eating grapes like that. If bowel movements are a concern in your life, they won't be after this. Michael Staley and I had to drive 100 miles back home and I have to say I was a happy camper to see my house around the bend. A wonderful thing would be a mild expression. Lord have mercy, I was stressed trying to find the key to the front door, then it was a mad rush to the throne. I honestly don't see why people take all those laxatives. Boy Howdy a half a dozen times over.

And another benefit of the grapes is that they are loaded with energy. I was getting more things done for the rest of the day that I thought possible. Grapes are a carbohydrate with a HIGH Glycemic Index property, which will allow the sugar to get to the blood stream very quickly! After a good training session on the bike or in the ocean swimming or whatever event I'm into for the training I do each day, they are an awesome food to give you that energy you need after a good workout or race.

But one more thing I love about the grapes is when I'm speaking to a group in the morning, I have some grapes before the presentation and during the breaks and immediately after the presentation as they keep my voice very clear all during the session. And I'm strong for the rest of the day because of the grapes. Always eat them at room temperature though to get the most effect out of them.

Trusting this message will find you in great spirits and if I can ever be an adjunct to your health, let me know. You have become like family to me over the last two years and it's my way of saying thanks for all your positive feedback all the time. This week I'm going to make a gift to each of you. I am putting together a Tele-seminar this Thursday and it's all about Tenacity and how it plays such a vital role in our staying well for life. My guests are Michael F. Staley and Lori Ann Lloyd, the reigning Queen of the Obstacle Course…Ms Female Gladiator who has a story that will blow you away. And when you hear Michael Staley's story where he was near death from a most talked about accident which was so bad that they we going to amputate his arm. He had both his legs broken in several places and is now training for a 26.2 mile Marathon Race which will take place this Fall! This will be a most memorable Tele-seminar. My gift to each of you. Stay Terrific and I hope to see you this Thursday!

Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering

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