"How to Pick a WATERMELON!"

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

This is one day I like to celebrate. As a Viet Nam Veteran, it means a lot to me to see the country recognize veterans as when I came back from the War, there wasn't too much celebrating going on for those who were in Viet Nam. I was at a beach party of a good friend of mine who has a home on the ocean so there was lots to do and lots of friends to see and catch up with, but I noticed that everywhere I went there was a watermelon. And everyone was in the woods about how to pick one so I thought what a great article to write this week. How to pick a Watermelon so that every time you pick one, you get a good one each and every time. Wouldn't that be great? Everyone at the party said they were going to read this so here goes and let me know how you pan out with this.

First of all, it takes all 5 of your senses to insure you a good one. Now what do I mean by that? Use your sense of smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight. First Look at it to see if it has good form…no blemishes on it, no dents, no oblong look, etc. Then turn the melon over and see if it has a creamy color where it was laying on the ground while growing. Be sure to see that the stem is dry…all very good signs so far. Now look to see if the opposite of the stem end of the melon where the bottom all connects if the lines all connect there and if it is in the center of the melon and not off to the side a bit…. a VERY IMPORTANT SIGN. Now about the melons that have no lines. That's ok, but try to pick the melon that has the end still in the center of the bottom of the melon. If you are confused about this, call me 904-441-4487 and I will walk you through it.

Next take that bottom end of the melon and press lightly with your thumb and if it gives a bit, chances are that it is too far-gone. It should NOT give to the touch.

Now smell it and it should have a nice aroma to it.

Now let's say you have got it down to three melons and they all meet up to that criteria, then do the tap on the outside and the one with the lowest bass like sound and you might want to call it a hollow sound then that's the one to pick.

Lastly is the taste test. Taste it and it should be the one you'll enjoy thoroughly. A lot of places will let you plug it where they'll take a small plug out of it and let you sample it which is of course the taste test.

Happy Memorial Day and I wish you great things.

Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering

PS I am very excited to let you know that our Tele-seminars are really making a difference. This last one we did was about “How to get well – then stay well for life. All we had time for was an intense program on nothing more than just “GETTING WELL”. And it has a lot of Reflexology Pocket Guides in there as gifts as well.

You never have to be sick no matter how old you are. If old age caused sickness then everyone who's old, would be sick and we know that just isn't the case. In the New England Journal of Medicine all the way back in the January 1993 edition tells us that Americans are basically fed up. 1 out of 3 Americans uses Alternative Care with 425 million yearly visits where we spend more out of pocket money for Alternative Care than for Conventional Care.

Ask yourself this: Who had the greatest influence over any tribe, race or culture, was it the Chiefs or was it the Medicine Men? We all know it was and will continue long after our generation, the Medicine Men!

Eliminate this fear and confusion forever and be totally clear on what you need to do to:

  • Enjoy more energy,
  • Welcome a better night's sleep,
  • Boost your immunity
  • Feel tremendous once again
  • Don't sweat DISEASE anymore, EMBRACE IT!
  • Improve your sex life at any age.
  • Eliminate the expensive pills, potions and lotions once and for all.

This is the first of a series of 10 Tele-seminars with each one building on the other but will stand on their own as a separate subject. This first one dealt mainly with “HOW TO GET WELL!” Staying Well for LIFE will follow in the next 9 Tele-seminars. We have the best physicians in their field for each Tele-seminar to make this series the most talked about Tele-seminar series yet! Here are just a few of the guests you will enjoy:
Dr. Gayle Carson, Ph.D. (Author of “How to Energize Your Life and Make the Difference you Want”);
Dr. Douglas Graham, D.C. (Author of “The High Energy Diet”);
Dr. Frank Sabatino, Ph.D., D.C. (Author of “Be Truly Well”);
Dr. Michael Klaper, M.D. (Author and Nutrition Advisor for NASA);
Harvey Diamond (Author of “Fit for Life”);

Most of us give up our health in our quest for wealth, just to spend the wealth to regain our health. I realize we are all on the Road to Death, but there's just no need to jump in the Passing Lane!

My very special guest for this Tele-seminar:

Frank Sabatino, Ph.D., D.C. = Author of “Be Truly Well” and is the Health Director of the Classiest Health Spa in Florida.

Let's get all the cards on the table to GET WELL. Here's what we covered:

  • What is Disease anyway?
  • The BENEFITS of Disease
  • The REASONS for Disease
  • The CAUSES of Disease
  • The 2 TYPES of Disease
  • The 6 STAGES of Disease
  • How to RID your Body of Disease once and for all.
  • The Real Truth of The Germ Theory
  • Do Germs really cause Disease?
  • The Reason for all the Awareness of Health Care in Corporate America!

Isn't it too bad that we have to live over half of our lives just to learn how to live it? Cut the learning curve out of that process and enjoy this terrific evening

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