Quotes: A New Start
A Attitude
"If you have enough fortitude
to develop an attitude
of sincere gratitude
for your body’s magnitude,
you will have an aptitude
to reach a higher latitude
for an ultimate altitude!"
N Nutrition
"Nutrition is to health as reading is to education!"

"Combine When You Dine to get the Correct Effect!"

"We don’t catch disease, we earn it. And it stems from crud in the blood
From being drunk with junk!"

"The strength of a person lies not only in the food they eat, but with their persistence in eating the food they way they should!"

"We all digest food the same way!"

"When you eat, get away from the Rabbit Habit, THINK MINK. You are special and deserve the best today, As what you eat today will be walking and talking tomorrow!"

"In your quest for zest
to add cheers to your years,
you can expect to be tough
when you eat good stuff!"

"The more you fry, the sooner you die!"

"The whiter the bread, the wider the spread, the sooner you’re dead!"


"The size of the snacks determines the size of the slacks!"

"How strange a person is that they will go to all kinds of extremes to preserve their life only to shorten it at the dinner table!"

"It’s not the food in your life,
but the life in your food that counts!

"Most of us are serving food
on the basis of taste and tradition
and we are serving it in haste
and forgot nutrition!"

"If you eat a little, you digest a lot.
If you eat a lot, you digest a little!

"The simpler the meal, the better you’ll feel!"

"A properly combined meal is the ideal!"

"Regulate the quality of what you eat and the quantity will take care of itself!"

E Exercise
"Recommit to get fit!"

"We use up the earth’s natural resources by using them up; we use up our body’s natural resources by not using them up!"

W Water
"Don't drink the crap from the tap!"

"We can't get clean water out of a dirty pipe!"

S Sunshine
"When we picture the earth without the sun, we wouldn't see a very pretty picture!"
T Tenacity
"You can give in, you can give out, but you can't give up!"
A Air
"Smell a rose and blow out a candle!"

"To breathe is to live, not to breathe is to die!"

R Rest
"The rest of our days depends on the rest of our nights!"

"No person is so sick as the person who is sick on their day off!"

T Temperance (moderation)
"You can't have everything in life, where would you put it?"
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