C Career
"You've got to love your profession ... your life is your profession."

"Of all the people you will ever know in a lifetime, You are the only one you will never leave nor lose! So don't take your career for granted, it's your life!"

"There’s nothing to be gained by working so hard one day that you have to rest the next day!"

"Believe in what you do with all your heart as
'Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything', Be wise, don’t compromise!"

"You can give in, you can give out, but you can’t give up!"

H Health
"Most of us give up our health, in our quest for wealth, just to spend the wealth to regain our health!"

"When you’re healthy, you’re wealthy, Because you have to be rich to be sick"

"Treat yourself - you're special. You deserve to be healthy"

"We are all healthy automatically by design and sick only by default"

"We are all on the Road to Death, I just don't see the need to jump in the Passing Lane"

"Old age doesn't cause sickness because if that was the case, then everyone who was old would be sick and we know that's not the case!
We do know that we can either Get old and better or old and bitter"

"When you invest in yourself by making health your first concernand not your last resort you'll always make an excellent investment"

"Most of us don't care about our health until we lose it and since we own our bodies free and clear that value seems to diminish as what we gain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly"

"We only get well by what comes out of us, never by what goes into us!"

"When you have your health, you have everything when you don't, nothing else matters"

E Economics
"You’ve got to be rich from the lip
before you can be rich on the hip!"

"Stopping your advertising to save money is much like stopping your watch to save time"

" When you trade your time for money it’s much like taking a mortgage out on your life"

1) I would rather have it sooner than later.
2) I would rather have more of it that less of     it.
3) I would rather have interest paid on it than to pay interest on it.

"The best thing we can teach our kids about money matters is that it does"

C Communication
"No person ever rose to the top in life without the favorable help of others"
K Knowledge
"The person who doesn’t read is really no better off than the person who can’t read"

"People are the only creatures who live beyond the grave in the form of the written word!"

E Emotions
"Our greatest pains become our greatest gains!"

"It’s not so much our position but our disposition that really counts"

"Up your attitude with a mental enema"

"You are special with an unnegotiable self-worth!"

"The past should be a point of reference and not some place of residence"

R Recreation
"We must have fun in this life when do we get to if we don't?"

"The amount of people who attend your funeral usually depends on the weather that day!"

S Spiritual
"The church is not a showcase for saints it’s a hospital for sinners"

"The church is no more to be blamed for the bad people in it than a hospital is to be blamed for the sick people in it"

"The more we work with Mother Nature the less we have to depend on Lady Luck"

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